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Everybody loves to compare the driving habits of men and women. So we’ve done just - and it’s produced some

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The first motorway trip after passing your driving test – it’s become something of a rite of passage. Faced with merging from a slip road into the motorway traffic, you could be forgiven for having a case of the post-test jitters. Some drivers are more confident than others, but few are totally nerveless. It shouldn’t […]

We consider which driving test centres have the shortest waiting times so you can avoid having to wait months for your test.
Young drivers are everywhere. But is there anywhere in the UK where they behave differently? Our study reveals some answers that you might find very interesting.

Driving can be a nerve-wracking experience for young people in the UK, especially once they’ve passed their test and started driving solo. It’s easy to fret about adverse weather, unfamiliar roads, and having to abide by the Highway Code. Periods of isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic can also knock a driver’s confidence. Adrian Flux […]

It was a journey Ayesha Jenkins had already made countless times. The 18-year-old was travelling on the same rural roads she uses regularly when making her way to, and from, her part-time retail job. And this time she was driving even slower than usual. The student had decided to leave work in Hereford early that […]

Speeding remains a serious problem despite attempts to slow all drivers – especially those that have just passed – down. However, Adrian Flux is delighted to confirm that its FluxScore black box insurance offering is having a positive impact on easing the understandable concerns of parents and guardians. Government findings show speeding remains a problem […]

The experts at Adrian Flux analyse the government’s latest driver test statistics and how disruptive COVID-19 has been for this.

So many aspects of life have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. From the direct effects of infection to furlough, redundancies and the restrictions of lockdown. UK’s lockdowns have emptied the roads from inner city commutes to long-distance journeys. You might think that reduced traffic – especially in city centres – would be a boon […]

Learner driver insurance from 65p per day

We offer learner driver insurance from just 65p a day, making our policies a cost-effective way for young drivers to get that all-important extra practice behind the wheel.

Starting this month learner drivers will now have to pass an updated theory test, after several changes have been made in order to earn their full drivers licence. New rules set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, which started on September 28 across the UK, have designed a test that’s fairer for all drivers, […]

We explain how you can get a driving test quickly by asking your driving instructor to book one for you.
If you start driving lessons soon, you need to get acquainted with the new practical test.

Adrian Flux has just launched the UK’s only telematics insurance policy to give drivers daily updates of their next renewal premium, based on the quality of their driving, via a handy smartphone app. Aimed primarily at younger drivers, the FluxScore app, available for Android and iOS phones, gives drivers daily updates to show how the […]