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Why will no one insure me?

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January 15, 2020
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Why will no one insure me?
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  1. Unusual car not on Thatcham database
  2. Kit cars
  3. Imported vehicles from the US, Japan and the EU
  4. Modifications
  5. Camper conversions
  6. Your profession falls outside an insurer’s criteria
  7. Postcode falls outside the insurer’s criteria
  8. High value
  9. Convictions
  10. Your vehicle has been impounded
  11. You have previously had a policy cancelled or refused
  12. Non-payment
  13. You’ve moved house, changed job or changed car and no longer fit their criteria
  14. Incorrect address, personal details or vehicle details
  15. Silly mistakes on forms
  16. What to do if you have trouble finding insurance:
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There can be a number of reasons why your vehicle has been denied by insurance companies. Here we provide the possible explanations as to why you’ve been denied and how you could fix the issue.

Unusual car not on Thatcham database

The Thatcham database was established in 1969 and was established as a means to reduce the cost of motor insurance and maintaining safety standards. They’re the UK’s only ‘not for profit’ insurer funded research centre and are in contact with law enforcement organisations, automotive bodies, regulators and vehicle manufacturers. If your vehicle does not appear on their database, be it because you have modified it or its an import you may find it tricky to get a reasonable quote on your car insurance.

Kit cars

no one will insure me

Chances are if you have a kit car, you’ll probably find it tough to get an insurance package that’s right for you. Due to the nature of kit cars, they’ll most likely not be covered by Thatcham’s safety standards, meaning you will have to go to a dedicated kit car specialist, such as Adrian Flux.

Imported vehicles from the US, Japan and the EU

Similarly if your vehicle or motorhome is imported from outside the UK when purchased, the foreign safety regulations may be dissimilar to Thatcham’s. Ultimately due to the unique position Thatcham are in, they have a big say in what many insurance companies deem safe on UK roads.


When an insurer asks if you have modified the car in any way, you may assume they are talking about a new engine or a spoiler. However, something as simple as a new roof rack or putting stickers on your vehicle could signal a red flag with some insurance companies. Failing to declare these changes could count as fraud.

If you do drive a modded car, you’ll know how hard it can be to find a modified car insurance company that will cover you.

Learn how/what modifications can affect your insurance policy.

Camper conversions

Converted campers come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you’ve built it yourself or had it professionally converted, it can be hard to find a policy that’s right for you without being charged a fortune.

Campervan is usually cheaper than standard van insurance, but depending on how you have converted your camper, some insurers may decline insuring you.

It is extremely important to be completely transparent with your insurer how you converted your camper. Similarly if you have van insurance and then convert it, your current policy will become void as it is no longer deemed a van.

Your profession falls outside an insurer’s criteria

If you have an unusual profession some insurance companies may choose not to insure your vehicle as you may be deemed to be a higher safety risk. When insuring your vehicle you must tell your insurer about your employment as your profession can affect your premiums, lying about your occupation means you’ll be invalidating your insurance.

Depending on your job, insurers will judge how high of a risk it is to insure a particular vehicle. It’s not just the nature of your job which can affect your insurance, you will also be judged on if you use your car to commute to work or if you use it for business purposes, such as musicians, athletes, actors, taxi drivers or an ice cream van. Insurers tend to split car usage into three types; commuting, social use, business use and social and commuting.

Certain occupations, even those are not deemed unusual, are deemed higher risk professions and the premiums will be more expensive with insurers due to one of the following: lots of travelling or security risks. It can also be that statistically, more claims are made by that profession. New jobs such as YouTuber can also be tough to calculate due to a lack of data.

Postcode falls outside the insurer’s criteria

A driver’s postcode plays a big role in how expensive their car insurance can be. Depending on how many claims have been made in your area, with some insurers even declining to offer cover to drivers.

Another possible reason for failing to get vital car insurance is your postcode may not be recognised by insurers, if you live in a new build property or new postcode. Some insurance companies’ databases may be out of date or are awaiting for postcodes to be generated by the Royal Mail and will fail to recognise a new address/postcode.

When a new property has been erected, the developer must first contact the relevant local authorities planning and building department for the address to be formally registered. Once this has been done it will then be sent to the Royal Mail’s Address Development Centre for clearance.

The new postcode will not be installed into databases until they are informed and once notified it could take a further 24 hours before insurers can recognise the new postcode.

High value

Drivers of high value cars are frequently penalised by insurance companies because of the supposed higher risk associated with high powered cars, and if you’re a younger driver you could end up paying thousands. Some insurers may only offer cover for cars up to a certain value and may also reject you if you have made specific modifications to your car too.

Adrian Flux know that people who buy a luxury car are likely to take special care of it. We also know many owners of executive and luxury cars keep the car as a cherished or business vehicle and have another vehicle for everyday use.


Many insurers will send their premiums through the roof if you’ve had a motoring conviction or two, and if you’ve had a criminal conviction recorded against you, they may not insure you at all.

If you have a criminal conviction, whether it’s related to driving or not, finding an affordable insurance premium can be difficult. However a previous conviction should not mean getting insurance is impossible as a driver may have a minor offence on their record, that has no bearing on how they drive. But many insurers may still choose no to insure you.

One of the reasons being that convicted drivers are statistically more likely to make a claim or be involved in an accident.

Some convictions will become spent over time and may increase your chances of lowering your insurance premium when applying. When your convictions are spent, in the eyes of the law your past misdemeanours have been forgotten. Age and previous record should not preclude you from having access to sensible car insurance at a sensible price.

Your vehicle has been impounded

There are a variety of reasons why your car may have been impounded including no car tax, parking fines or not declaring your vehicle correctly. But one of the main reasons is because they don’t have the right car insurance.

Failing to insure your car correctly can invalidate your insurance and if found to be driving another car you’re not insured to drive could see you face a driving ban, 6 to 8 points on your licence and your car being impounded.

When your vehicle gets impounded, it can have a major impact on your life. With extortionate fees to pay for its release, pending convictions for driving without insurance to consider, and then other insurers who might punish you with rocketing premiums, many drivers feel helpless when it comes to finding adequate cover for their car. Adrian Flux can offer annual and short term insurance solutions available for impounded cars from 1 day.

You have previously had a policy cancelled or refused

If you have ever had car insurance cancelled, refused, declined or voided, you could find it very hard to get affordable car insurance in the future. Online and automated systems often discriminate against drivers who have faced issues in the past, assuming that any problems were to do with fraud or criminal activity, wrongly making you a higher risk

There are a variety of ways as to why your insurance can be cancelled or why an insurer refuses to insure you including:


When taking out an insurance policy, you would have chosen to either pay the premium fee either annually or monthly instalments, if you fail to keep up with the payments your insurer will issue warnings to let you know your insurance may be made void and can cancel your insurance, if payments are continuously not paid.

You’ve moved house, changed job or changed car and no longer fit their criteria

no one will insure me

When moving house or changing jobs it is imperative you let your insurance provider know, as these can have a big impact on your insurance. Changing your address could reduce your premium as you may move to an area that’s deemed to be less of a risk to be insured.

Equally, when changing jobs, your insurance may also be void depending on whether you now use your vehicle for business purposes.

Incorrect address, personal details or vehicle details

If an insurer finds you have purposefully given incorrect details about your vehicle or where you live, they are legally within their right to cancel your insurance.

Silly mistakes on forms

Making a mistake on a form could cause you to either have a higher insurance premium or in extreme cases for you to be rejected by an insurer. Mistakes such as writing that you’re driving 123,000 miles a year when that’s actually your odometer reading, or a spelling mistake means you’ve failed a credit or security check

What to do if you have trouble finding insurance:

If you’re having trouble finding insurance at an affordable rate, or even at all

  1. Speak to specialists (like Adrian Flux) who are more likely to be able to help
  2. Check you aren’t making any silly errors on quote forms
  3. Use the phone, not online forms, so you can talk about any issues in more detail.
  4. Make sure that you are always completely honest about your situation.

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