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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Imported Car Insurance

Get specialist imported car insurance that can be tailored to your needs and budget. We cover all types of imports, including high-performance JDM cars, American classics, grey imports, left-hand drives, and 4x4s.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Which countries do you insure imports from?

We insure imports from all over the world. Although most people tend to import their car from Japan or the USA, we also offer cover for vehicles imported from European countries such as Germany and further afield.

Illustration of imported modified car with person standing next to it
Illustration of imported modified car with person standing next to it
Rear view of imported car

Do I need specialist imported car insurance?

If you have your heart set on an imported vehicle, there’s no need to baulk at the thought of your insurance premiums. At Adrian Flux, we offer affordable import car insurance. Whether you have your eyes on a German, Japanese, grey, parallel, or US import, give us a call for a quote.

Cars like the Mitsubishi Evo or the US’s classic Ford Mustang are truly incomparable to vehicles made in the UK. We understand that if you’ve gone through the effort of importing a car from another country, it’s likely that you’ll look after your new addition to the family. This means you can enjoy your new set of wheels without an inflated price for import insurance.

Rear view of imported car

Get a Imported Car Insurance Quote

Imported car in garage

Why choose a specialist broker for import insurance?

Import insurance is often seen as a specialist area for insurance providers and brokers. This means you’ll probably face high premiums or even no quote from comparison sites and non-specialist agents.

Imported car in garage

Are imported cars more expensive to insure?

Car insurance for imported vehicles does tend to be more expensive than standard insurance. This is to account for potentialities such as:

  • Higher prices for spare parts
  • Needing to go to a specialist garage for repairs
  • Insurers not knowing how risky insuring a certain car would be
Black imported car in front of woods
Black imported car in front of woods

Insurance for the Individual

Honda steering wheel on the left hand side

How can I get cheaper imported car insurance?

There are a number of ways you can reduce car insurance costs, but the main one we recommend is to call us for a quote, especially if you’ve shopped around already. Wherever possible, we always aim to beat your best quote. Plus, we’re a specialist insurance broker dedicated to insuring those with unique situations who others have deemed “uninsurable.”

Other ways to reduce imported vehicle insurance costs include the following:

  • Keep your car safe: if you have a garage, this is the best way to prevent your car from being stolen, which can have a significant impact on your insurance premiums. This is particularly important for an often more attractive vehicle like an import.
  • Add security features: installing a Thatcham alarm, GPS tracker or immobiliser can help prevent thefts and even allow you to retrieve your vehicle in the event it gets stolen.
  • Build a no claims bonus (NCB): keeping a clean record will often be the best way to drive down premiums for your insurance. Let us know if you have any NCB built up with a previous provider and we’ll adjust your quote accordingly.
  • Join a car club or forum: if you’ve joined a club, we know you’ll probably take good care of your vehicle. We offer a discount of up to 15%.
Honda steering wheel on the left hand side

Get a Imported Car Insurance Quote

What’s the difference between grey and parallel imports?

Simply put, a parallel import is a vehicle purchased from the EU, whereas a grey import is a vehicle that has been made for use in a non-EU country.

Can I get temporary car insurance for my imported car?

At Adrian Flux, we offer a range of different car insurance policies for temporary use. If you’re a UK expat visiting family in your home country, you might want comprehensive coverage, which isn’t often available on green card motor insurance.

American classic car on road
American classic car on road
Mitsubishi Evo on the side of the road

Can I get Japanese imported car insurance from Adrian Flux?

Yes, we specialise in covering Japanese imports. If you’ve purchased a JDM car and you want to cover it in the UK, let us know and we can help. Japanese car imports are becoming highly popular as they tend to be:

  • Crafted to a higher specification compared to UK counterparts
  • Unavailable or difficult to source in the UK
  • More affordable than UK counterparts
  • Often higher powered than their UK equivalents
Mitsubishi Evo on the side of the road

Why choose Adrian Flux for imported car insurance?

As a specialist insurance broker, we’re able to get you cover for your imported vehicle where others cannot. Plus, we work with over 30 insurers, meaning we can compare quotes for you based on your needs and budget. Here are three more reasons to choose us.

Experienced staff

Our expert staff are highly knowledgeable about specialist areas like imported cars. This means we won’t offer you items you don’t need on your insurance.

Tailored quotes

An imported car will often have specialist parts or modifications, which probably requires a policy tailored to your needs, such as an agreed value policy. We ask you key questions to understand your circumstances and get you suitable cover.

Affordable prices

As a broker with over 50 years’ experience, we have strong relationships with our underwriters. This means that quite often, we can get you a deal that would never be seen on a comparison site.

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

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