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Collision Mitigation Insurance From Adrian Flux

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Collision mitigation, automatic braking and crash avoidance systems are becoming more and more commonplace in the cars on our roads. Designed to warn drivers of imminent crashes, and in some cases to either automatically brake or make steering adjustments to avoid collisions, the figures show that these systems can make a real difference in lowering crash numbers and in saving lives.

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Working using combinations of radar, lasers and infrared devices, collision avoidance and braking systems monitor the distance between you and the car in front, as well as vehicle speeds, to detect potential crashes. Studies completed in the US have shown a 25% reduction in claims made by owners of cars with this pre-crash technology, suggesting that it provide a huge change in safety on our roads.

Thanks to the lower incidence of accidents involving cars that have collision avoidance features, we could be able to offer you a cheaper premium if you have preventative systems fitted. The policy covers a huge range of systems, both standard and factory fitted, from Subarus Eyesight to Mercedess Pre-Safe and the Audi Pre-Sense Plus. With such a great range of cars covered, you can protect yourself on the roads, whatever you drive, and get cheaper premiums at the same time thanks to Adrian Flux.

Lower Premiums With Automatic Braking

As the UKs largest specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux is no stranger to providing insurance that other brokers just haven’t considered. Whilst some may offer no benefits at all for drivers who have carefully selected the safest cars, we choose to reward our safety-conscious customers.

Just a few benefits of our crash avoidance policies are:

  • Collision mitigation insurance available as comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft? helping you only pay for the cover you want
  • Protected no claims discounts accepted, letting you keep more of your discount in the event of an accident
  • Cover for satellite navigation and audio equipment is available
  • Insurance to cover your windscreen and windows, meaning you wont need to take out an extra policy to be fully protected
  • You could be insured to drive in 32 European countries for up to 17 days as standard, protected abroad by your crash avoidance systems
  • A great range of optional extras are available to help you tailor your cover to your needs, including key cover, breakdown and gadget insurance

With all these benefits, and more, you can get the same fantastic cover you would expect from any of Adrian Fluxs policies, but with the added safety that pre-crash and crash mitigation systems bring, and all at potentially lower prices.

At Adrian Flux we dont put our quotes through confusing comparison sites or run call centres with staff reading from a script. With over 50 years experience providing insurance to meet all of our customers needs we ensure that our staff are fully trained professionals, assessing your case on an individual basis to find the perfect collision mitigation insurance policy for you.

To speak to one of our team members and to get more information on our policies for crash avoidance and automatic braking systems, or any other policy which we offer, call us today on   or complete a contact form online.

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