Cover and replace the loss of all your keys from £18.00 when you take out an insurance policy with Adrian Flux.

Losing your keys can be a huge irritation and an unwanted expense, but worst of all it can happen at any time, anywhere.

If you purchase Keycare from Adrian Flux when you take out an insurance policy, all the keys attached to your fob will be covered should you ever lose them. Cover includes the recovery of keys locked inside a vehicle or premises and the cover of replacement keys.

If you were unlucky enough to be stranded following the loss of your keys, it will cover your transport costs home.

What's included?

No Excess

There is no excess to pay, the annual cost from £18.00 is the only cost.

All Keys Covered

Keycare covers all of the keys on your fob. This can include house keys, car keys and office keys for example.

£10 Reward

If the keys are found with the Keycare fob, a £10 reward will be issued to the finder.

Car Hire

Car hire is available should you lose your car keys.

High Claim Limit

Claim up to £1500 per fob, per annum.