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High Value Home Insurance

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Adrian Flux Home is one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers in the UK and one of only a few offering a full range of high value home insurance cover to owners of higher value properties and their contents.

Existing customers please call

If you live in a higher value home, or your have contents worth more than £50,000, you will probably have experienced problems getting insurance cover at a reasonable price, if at all. That’s where Adrian Flux can help. Our Home & Contents cover will make sure that your property is adequately covered in the event of a mishap, and at a price you’ll like.

Our High Net Worth Home Insurance cover includes all the features you need and expect from a high quality insurance policy and our rates are very competitive:

  • Full cover for all high value properties.
  • Listed buildings or non-standard construction covered.
  • 24 Hour claims hotline with counselling support.
  • Domestic Assistance Helpline with advice and contact details for tradesmen.
  • Discounts for alarms and security locks.
  • Discount when you take Buildings and contents cover.
  • Easy payment by credit card or direct debit.

Because higher value homes are, by their nature, a non-standard insurance risk, all our policies are designed especially for your individual situation and our staff have a high degree of knowledge in this field. Finding household contents insurance that covers high value contents, antiques, collections, jewellery and other valuables can be a problem, but with Adrian Flux, it couldn’t be simpler. We know which schemes offer you the combination of high quality, high value cover at a lower price than you might expect.

Every high value home insurance quote will receive the attentions of a specialist. Each risk will be individually calculated by our expert staff. Please note that our sales staff are insurance experts not just button pushers and along with our tailor made buildings and household contents insurance schemes for high net worth individuals, we believe we offer the best quotation service around.

“I have a collection of £45,500 of specified items of jewellery, in addition to my general home contents of £60,000, and this can present a problem when it comes to home insurance. I need cover for the jewellery both in the house and while away from the property, and for some insurers this is considered too big a risk to cover. That’s why I used specialist broker Adrian Flux, which has experts dealing in high value home contents cover including jewellery.” Mrs G, OL13

High Value Home Insurance Quote

Quicker & Cheaper rates by phone, please click the button below during office hours and we will call you back right now, or at a time you specify, for an immediate high value home insurance quote.

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