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Trailer Insurance

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Trailers are an incredibly useful piece of equipment for car and van owners to have, they are easy to use and are versatile in their function. Making sure you have adequate and suitable insurance with the right provider like Adrian Flux is important in the event of an incident.

Existing customers please call

Adrian Flux has tailored insurance policies for a variety of trailers covering horse trailersboat trailersflat beds and tent trailers, but if you just use an ordinary trailer for general purpose, we have the policy for you!

(We also offer horse trailer breakdown insurance just in case you need the additional piece of mind as you travel to your shows and events.)

Whether your trailer spends its days in your garage, on the driveway or on the road being used daily, Adrian Flux has trailer insurance to cover you. Our insurance rates for trailers are competitive, and our cover is comprehensive giving you protection and peace of mind.

What features of Adrian Flux’s policy will benefit me?

  • Cover against accidental damage, fire and theft
  • Cover for trailers worth up to £40,000
  • Up to 17.5% discount for trailers with data tag security
  • Up to £1m public accident liability cover
  • 30 days European green card cover for all EU countries

Customers who have a trailer can benefit from the versatile uses of it, and can relax knowing that an Adrian Flux insurance policy will allow for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Removal of house or garden rubbish
  • Transporting belongings if you’re moving house
  • Moving large pieces of equipment from place to place
  • Transporting cars, motorcycles, boats, quad bikes or bicycles
  • Discounts for members of the Motorsports UK members (previously MSA)
  • Storage for luggage for when you go on holiday
  • Transporting building or gardening materials including bricks, topsoil, gravel and sand

If you are a new owner of a trailer, there are important safety guidelines you need to be aware of. We’ve highlighted a few of the following laws to make you aware of the type of things you need to know:

  • The weight of the trailer and contents must be within the vehicle’s towing ability and not more than 85% of the car’s kerb weight if the trailer has brakes, or 50% if it doesn’t.
  • Maximum trailer width in the UK and EU is 2.55m
  • Indicators, lights and brakes (where fitted) must work and you must display the correct number plate for the towing vehicle on your trailer
  • Depending on when you passed your driving test (before or after 01.01.97), the towing allowance will differ
  • Speed limits whilst towing on UK roads are 60mph for motorways and dual carriageways and 50mph on single carriageway roads. You must not use the outside lane of a motorway

For more information and advice on trailer insurance, Adrian Flux has a specialist team of insurance experts who are able to help you with any further questions you may have. Call them for free today on  .

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