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Our Story

Who are Adrian Flux?

To us, Adrian Flux means celebrating the individual, it means community and family, it means valuing what we have in common, not defining us by what we don’t. Our founder, Adrian Flux, saw opportunities where others saw obstacles.

It all started in 1973 with a Spartan kit car. Adrian’s passion for motoring wasn’t held back by the fact he had a disability, but that he couldn’t find an insurer to cover his needs. So, knowing he couldn’t be alone in his search for equality, he decided to form his own insurance brokerage with the aim of insuring the “uninsurable” – starting with his very own kit car.

What started small grew into the UK’s largest independent insurance broker, employing more than 2,000 staff members across the nation, including over five physical sites and on a work-from-home or hybrid basis.

Illustration of family outside house with 4x4 parked next to them

Illustration of family outside house with 4x4 parked next to them

Adrian Flux: Strength in the face of adversity

Adrian Flux. What does the name mean to you? It could mean ‘classic cars’ or ‘specialist insurance’ or ‘some insurance bloke’. It could mean nothing, right now. Watch our animation to find out who we are, what we do, and how we came to be.

East Winch Hall: our office

Built in the 19th Century by the Astley family, East Winch Hall in East Winch, King’s Lynn, Norfolk is something of a local landmark and a building that Adrian Flux Insurance Services is proud to call home.

Designed in the style of a colonial tea planter’s home, the hall was renovated in 1906 by local businessman William Lancaster JP, who added the imposing gates of a nearby slaughterhouse to the grounds and was later knighted for building a grammar school in nearby King’s Lynn.

One of William’s grandchildren was Osbert Lancaster, now Sir Osbert, the famous author and cartoonist. Sir Osbert discussed childhood visits to the hall in his book “All done from memory”, recalling terra-cotta masks of Comedy and Tragedy that decorated the plain expanse of yellow brick between the first and second storey. The masks and the yellow brick were lost following a fire around 1960, which necessitated some rebuilding with non-matching bricks so the whole building was later whitewashed to disguise the difference.

Adrian Flux's East Winch Hall office
Adrian Flux's East Winch Hall office
Adrian Flux's East Winch Hall office

Held in trusteeship and frequently renovated and expanded over decades following William Lancaster’s death, the hall came into the possession of the Vassalos family in the late 60s, owners of the local Campbell’s Soup factory, who used the building for entertaining.

In 1970, East Winch Hall was occupied by the Dredging and Construction Company, which added a three-storey office block to the grounds. The building was then sold to German science company Hoechst to serve as the head office of their agricultural division and finally came into the hands of Adrian Flux in 2000.

Today, the hall can accommodate more than 1,000 employees across several brands to provide insurance for a huge range of needs. The hall’s grounds are also used as the venue for the annual Flux Ball, attended by staff and friends, and the site of several motor shows and rallies throughout the year.

Adrian Flux's East Winch Hall office
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