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Dangerous Occupation Car Insurance

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For many years insurance companies have charged higher car insurance premiums for dangerous jobs, for people who work in high-risk occupations across the country. From scaffolders to demolition contractors insurance all the way through to oil rig workers, farmers and even stunt man insurance, if you have a job that some would consider dangerous, you could end up paying above the odds for your premiums.

Existing customers please call

From the extra miles you might do through to the dangerous worksites you might have to park your car on, insurers will find many excuses for punishing you for doing the necessary jobs that many won’t or can’t do, without looking at whether you are actually a safe driver or not.

When you look for farmer or construction worker car insurance, many insurers simply won’t see past your job title, making assumptions about what your profession says about you. At Adrian Flux we prefer to individually assess our quotes, relying on your personal information and driving history, using only relevant facts to determine your premiums.

Car Insurance For Everyone From Farmers To Demolition Workers

Adrian Flux’s car insurance for construction workers or scaffolders and motor insurance for oil rig workers is designed to offer you the same great cover as other motorists at premiums that wont break the bank.

Some of the benefits of our hazardous job insurance policies include:

  • All of our dangerous job car insurance policies come in a range of covers, from comprehensive to third party, to give you the cover you need
  • We offer a variety of add-ons to all of our policies, including key care and gadget cover, to help you balance your cover and premium
  • Agreed value policies are available to help you ensure you get a payout you are happy with if you have an accident
  • We will cover almost any mod you have on your car, whether it’s for performance or just for show, and pay for like-for-like replacements
  • An array of discounts are available on all of our quotes, from limited mileage policies to experienced drivers and club members
  • We offer a range of commercial vehicle covers, ideal for combining with farmer or construction worker insurance policies

By taking your individual circumstances into account, and assessing your unique needs, we can tailor our ‘risky job car insurance policies to suit you. With differing levels of cover on top of a range of discounts and add-ons, we will help you to find a policy offering the right cover at the right price.

Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, founded four decades ago to find people like you, people who other companies might refuse or overcharge, the best insurance. Taking the personal approach with each customer, we have built a business around bespoke quotes, quality service and reliable insurance getting you the perfect balance of cover and premium.

Our quotes are as unique as the jobs that you do. We know that car insurance for farmers, insurance for stunt men or even for slaughter house workers will all have different needs, which is why we work so hard to tailor unique quotes for our customers.

To speak to a member of our insurance team today for your free quote, call us on   or complete the callback form on our website for us to get back to you whenever you like. Alternatively, click the quote button now for an instant dangerous job car insurance quote.





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