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Dash Cam Insurance

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Each year more and more motorists are being caught out by ‘crash for cash’ schemes, with criminals causing damage and injury to motorists and their cars, as well as costing the UK insurance industry over £390 million each year.

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Crash for cash scams can take many forms, from fraudsters disabling their own brake lights or ‘flashing’ drivers to let them out of junctions through to staged accidents and false witnesses. As increasingly more people fall victim to this crime, Adrian Flux, the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, now offers a policy designed to keep you safe and keep premiums down with dash cam insurance.

In-car cameras, or dash cams, are the perfect way to trap criminals who try to make money out of honest motorists. Sitting on your dashboard and monitoring the road as you drive, these HD cameras record footage of any accident, sometimes recording being triggered by sharp braking, meaning you catch on camera exactly who is responsible for an incident.

Up To 15 Per Cent In-Car Camera Discount

At Adrian Flux, to help keep our customers safe on the road all whilst keeping premiums low, we will now offer discounts for drivers using in-car cameras. Simply by using one of the third-party cameras listed below you could get up to 15% discount on your insurance from Adrian Flux, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds each year. Call   for a free quote now.

The cameras currently eligible for in-car camera insurance discounts include:

  • Auto Eye UK
  • BlackVue – all UK models
  • ChilliBongo
  • Cobra CDR
    • 820E HD Dash Cam
    • 825E HD Dash Cam
    • 834
    • 840E
    • 855
    • 900 Super HD Dash Cam
  • Drive-Eye Gold
  • DOD Tech
  • Exeros HD Car Cameras (the following models only):
    • Akenori Car Camera
    • Cube 3 Car Camera
    • DriverEye Car Camera
    • HawkEye HD Car Camera
    • HawkEye Duo HD Car Camera
    • Raptor Nano System
  • ForView FHX 2000
  • FHX 1000
  • Garmin GDR 35
  • Goluk
  • MI Witness HD Camera
  • Mio Mivue 528 / 538
  • Nextbase
    • InCarCam Lite / Deluxe / Professional Models
    • 512g
    • DUO
    • RIDE
  • Novus System View I Ruby and Silver Systems
  • Phantom Cameras
  • Prestigio – All UK Models
  • RAC CarCam 01 and CarCam 02
  • Road Angel Halo
  • RoadHawk
    • 720
    • Forward Facing DC1
    • DC-2
    • HD
    • RH-2
  • Rollei
    • CarDVR-110
    • CarDVR-100
    • CarDVR-70
  • Silent Witness
    • SW001
    • SW010
  • SmartCam2
  • Smart Witness Cameras
  • Snooper
    • DVR-1HD Mini Vehicle Drive Recorder
    • DVR-3HD Vehicle Driver Recorder
    • DVR-4HD
  • Teknique Car Cameras
  • Thinkware TW-X500, TW-H100, H50 and F750
  • Transcend DrivePro 100, 200, 220, 520
  • TTW Blackvue Cameras
  • VCAM
  • Vicovation

Not only will having dash cam insurance possibly save you money on your premiums, but using the camera can also help if you do get into an accident by providing video evidence of what exactly happened? potentially speeding up the claims process and proving your innocence.

Sue Weedon bought a dashcam for her daughter Michaela, aged 17, after a driving instructor recommended one to her.
We already knew about the discount offered by Adrian Flux for owning a dashcam, and that was a big part of our decision to buy one, Sue told us.
Being an inexperienced driver, Sue worried that Michaela might panic if she were to have an accident, and thought it would be best to have a video record of any incidents.
Michaela now uses the camera every day to keep her safe in case of an accident providing proof of who is to blame should anything happen.
I’d definitely recommend owning a dashcam, says Sue. The protection they offer to young and inexperienced drivers means I don’t need to worry about her driving on her own anymore, which is a real weight off my mind.

With over 50 years experience of providing specialist insurance quotes to suit all needs, Adrian Flux is ideally placed to find you the perfect dash cam insurance. Sourcing our quotes from a panel of over 40 insurers, our competitive policies can cover almost any vehicle that you need. With a 15% in-car camera insurance discount you could save hundreds of pounds on your policy, potentially even saving more than the cost of the camera in just one year.

Why not give us a call today and find out just how much you might be able to save with dash cam insurance discounts. For more information on this policy, or any other, call our friendly, expert staff on   or complete a callback form on the website.





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