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Disabled Travel Insurance

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Disabled travellers looking for travel insurance covering pre-existing medical conditions need look no further than Adrian Flux specialist disabled travel insurance.

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Finding appropriate travel insurance can be difficult and stressful if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities. When you do find a provider they can often charge high premiums to cover all your needs.

That’s not the case at Adrian Flux. We offer affordable travel insurance for disabled travellers that covers any pre-existing medical conditions. And because of our expertise in the disabled market, we don’t expect updates on additional medical conditions until you renew.

Why choose Adrian Flux disabled travel insurance?

  • Single-trip and annual multi-trip policies available
  • Single trip policies cover up to 365 days (outside the UK) for anyone 55 or under, 157 days for those aged 56-75, 140 days for the 76-80-year-olds, 45 for those aged 81-85, and 31 for those ages over 86
  • Annual multi-trip policies: (Europe: up to age 85, up to 31 days covered; up to 80, 45 days, up to 75, 62 days, up to 65, 92 days. Worldwide: up to 80 years old, 31 days, up to 75, 45 days, up to 70, 62 days, up to 65, 92 days).
  • Automatic cover for travel disruption on all policies
  • Baggage can be covered up to £2,000 for accidental loss, theft or damage on both policies
  • Dental cover including emergency repairs to dentures or artificial teeth
  • Family travel insurance and couples cover options

Optional extras on Adrian Flux travel insurance policies:

  • Cover for your equipment or hired equipment
  • Cover for the cost of delays, cancellations, and alternative emergency accommodation
  • Cover for winter sports and golf holidays

You need specialist disabled travel insurance if you:

  • Are likely to need medical attention when you travel, which may also cut your holiday short
  • Are travelling with a carer
  • Need cover for an existing condition

We know that every holiday is individual to you. This is especially true if you have a disability and need insurance that covers every eventuality.

If you need to talk things over, our team are specialists and on-hand to take you call. Simply click the button to arrange a free callback at a convenient time, or call us now on .

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