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Car Insurance for Firefighters

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It’s an undeniable fact that firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers and other emergency service staff are among the safest motorists on our roads. Statistics show that emergency service drivers can be up to 20% less likely to have an accident compared to other drivers, thanks in part to the advanced training and practice that they take as part of their jobs.

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Despite figures showing that firefighters are some of the best drivers on our roads, many are charged over the odds for their car insurance. Whether its their hazardous jobs or the fear that their emergency driving styles might carry over into daily driving, some insurers offer no discounts at all on car insurance for firefighters, and some even charge an extra premium for emergency services staff.

Here at Adrian Flux, we prefer to look at insurance a little differently. We know that the training youve completed has made you a better driver, and we think that you should be rewarded for being safer on the roads. Thats why Adrian Flux offers discounts of up to 20% on firefighters insurance for people who have completed an Emergency Fire Appliance Driving (EFAD) course.

To get a quote today for firefighter car insurance, click the quote button or complete the callback form.

Discounted Firefighter Insurance

Not only does Adrian Flux’s car insurance for firefighters offer you cheaper premiums than some of our competitors, but also the reliable, extensive cover that youd expect.

Some of the features and benefits of our firefighter insurance can include:

  • UK and European cover
  • Access to a 24hour claims and helpline
  • Installment payment options to help the policy fit around your budget
  • Business use and blue light cover available
  • Like-for-like cover on vehicle modifications, including emergency equipment like winches, radios and searchlights
  • Cover for personal items and audio equipment in the vehicle
  • A range of additional extras, including breakdown cover, legal insurance and windscreen cover
  • Up to 20% discount for EFAD qualified drivers

Our car insurance for firefighters can also include blue light cover, if you require it. Blue light insurance means that, provided you have the permission of your local authority and business use on your policy, you will be insured to drive using blue lights on your vehicle? essential for people who attend emergencies in their own car or whilst off-duty.

Each policy also offers like-for-like modification cover. Whether youve adapted your vehicle for work or pleasure, style or performance, any mod youve made will be insured. Even emergency rescue equipment is covered, including items like winches, searchlights and radios, to help you spring into action in your own car at a moments notice.

With over 50 years experience of offering specialist insurance quotes, Adrian Flux is ideally placed to help you find firefighters car insurance. As the UKs largest specialist insurance broker our staff are experts in tailoring insurance quotes to your individual needs, getting you the right policy at the right price.

To get more information on car insurance for firefighters, and to take advantage of the 20% EFAD discount, click the quote button now or complete the callback form on this page and well give you a call.





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