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Car Insurance for DJs

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Whether you’re touring the clubs and beaches of Ibiza or playing your local on a Friday night, being a full or part-time DJ isn’t always as glamorous as people might think – and long nights and stress are very often part of the deal. At Adrian Flux, we offer car insurance for DJs.

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Insurance for DJs

When you’re tired from a long night of pleasing party goers up and down the country, the last thing you want to contend with is an insurer who tries to rip you off on your car or home insurance premiums – but that’s exactly what many big-name insurers and brokers can try to do.

Using an array of excuses, from your car being parked outside clubs and pubs late at night, to your home being empty for long stretches while you work away, some insurers can overcharge for home and car insurance for DJs, or even refuse to cover you at all.

At Adrian Flux, we do things a little differently – treating every customer like an individual and making no assumptions about you and your job. We work with a panel of more than 40 different insurers across the country to find you insurance quotes that exactly match your needs and your budget, to give you great insurance with as little hassle as possible.

To find out more about how we can help with car or home insurance for DJs, call us now on .

Car Insurance for DJs

Where some companies might use one-size-fits-all policies and use similar policies and premiums for every driver, regardless of their needs, at Adrian Flux we help to tailor each policy to you exactly, covering what you need without charging you for things you don’t.

We cover a huge range of vehicles, from classics to kit cars, supercars and 4x4s, and provide a great range of benefits and discounts too. Just some of the features of our DJ car insurance can include:

  • Cover for imported and left-hand drive cars
  • A wide range of modifications covered, with like-for-like replacement insured for many of them
  • Breakdown cover, windscreen insurance and other add-ons available
  • Discounts including limited mileage policies, additional security features, and money off for members of owner’s clubs
  • Protected no-claims bonus, protecting your driving record after an accident

Find out more about car insurance for DJs by calling our team on , or click the callback button to arrange a good time for us to get in touch.

DJ Home Insurance

Just like with our car insurance quotes, when we offer you a home insurance policy you can be confident that it will be tailored to your needs and that we won’t charge you for any extras that you don’t want or need. Plus we insure all sorts of properties and situations, whether you live above the pub you play, rent a flat with friends or have bought your own home, so no matter your circumstances you might be able to save money with a quote from us.

Some of the benefits of our DJ home insurance can include:

  • A 24-hour help line for claims and help with emergencies
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Insurance for running your own business from home, including cover for phones and computers
  • Contents insurance that covers your DJ equipment
  • Discounts when you take out buildings and contents insurance together
  • Buildings of non-standard construction are covered, and listed buildings

Contact Adrian Flux

For more information on our home and car insurance for DJs, and to get a quote today, call us on or click the callback button to arrange a good time for us to call you back.





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