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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Caterham Insurance Specialists

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From simple Sevens to extreme Superlight R300s and classy Caterham 21s, whatever Caterham you own, Adrian Flux can insure it.

Existing customers please call

Whether you bought your Caterham as a project and long-term hobby, simply just to have fun driving or for days out on the track we can use all of our experience to provide you the exact insurance that you need, at a price you’ll like. Plus, as car enthusiasts ourselves, we know exactly what you look for in a car insurance policy, and we cater our cover and service to suit your exact needs.

Founded over 50 years ago to provide specialist car insurance for people who just couldn’t get insured elsewhere, Adrian Flux has grown to be the UK’s largest specialist insurer. With decades of experience finding insurance for people with unusual or unique cars, we are perfectly positioned to help you get car insurance for your Caterham.

Quality Caterham insurance from the experts

All of our Caterham car insurance policies provide the following benefits, and many more besides:

  • Agreed value cover offering maximum protection for your pride and joy
  • Build-up cover keeping your Caterham insured even off the road
  • Limited mileage discounts saving you money if you only take short trips
  • Track day cover helping you to make the most of your specialist car
  • Owners club discounts discounts of up to 15%, depending on the policy, if you are a member of a Caterham owners club

On top of our owners club discounts we have a massive range of other Caterham driver discounts available, for everything from experienced drivers to increased security measures. We also provide a great selection of optional add-ons, from keycare to gadget cover, getting you the protection you need whilst also helping you to manage your premiums.

Our cheapest rates are available only over the phone, so why not get in touch now to see how much you could save. Complete a callback form online to hear from one of our trained staff today, click the quote button below to get a Caterham car insurance quote right now or call  to speak to one of our trained experts right away.





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