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Car Insurance For Itinerant Workers

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Car insurance for travellers, market traders and fun fair workers can be especially hard to get as many insurers now judge customers based on their jobs, rather than their actual safety. ‘Itinerant workers’ covers a huge range of professions and lifestyles, and at Adrian Flux we think it is unfair to tar all of our customers with the same brush.

Existing customers please call

Judging based on mileage travelled, the long hours worked and less secure places parked, many insurers will hike up premiums for market trader car insurance or fun fair worker insurance, making it very difficult for you to get affordable and reliable cover. Insurers will sometimes even include niche professions such as contortionists, tarot readers and tightrope walkers, charging them even more for car insurance than anyone else.

At Adrian Flux we prefer not to punish out customers for doing the job they do, and living a lifestyle that they love. We won’t charge you extra based on what you do for a living no inflated insurance premiums for market traders or overpriced car insurance for travellers choosing instead to use only relevant facts and information to base our premiums on.

By using just your driving history and relevant personal details, at Adrian Flux we will tailor policies to suit your exact needs, whatever job you do or however you live.

Specialist Insurance For Temporary Workers

Covering everything from commercial vans and pickups through to modified cars and classic racers, we are sure to have a policy that suits you, whether you drive your vehicle for work or for pleasure.

The benefits of our itinerant worker car insurance include:

  • Cover for a huge range of modifications, for performance, practicality or looks perfect for vehicles you work from for a living
  • Insurance available at a range of levels, from third party only through to fully comprehensive, to offer you the cover you want
  • Loads of discounts on offer, for everything from experienced drivers to low mileage, extra security benefits to black box driving policies
  • Plenty of optional extras to add to your policy, providing key cover, gadget insurance, windscreen insurance and much more
  • Included greencard cover to drive your vehicle in Europe for 90 days at a time, perfect for taking business on the road or enjoying a long holiday

By combining our range of cover levels and the wide array of discounts, added extras and owners clubs bonuses, we are able to tailor policies to meet the exact needs of our customers. Adrian Flux’s traveller car insurance, the cover for tarot readers, contortionists and insurance for fun fair workers of all kinds has been designed so that we will give you a fair price, leaving out the prejudices that other insurers might use.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the fairest, most competitive insurance around, and it’s something that we’ve been doing for a long time now. Founded over 50 years ago to provide insurance for drivers that other insurers wouldn’t help, we have expanded to become the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, helping thousands of people each year protect their pride and joy.

Our cheapest quotes are available over the phone, and you can also get in touch just to answer any questions or to find out more about our temporary worker insurance or any other policies.

To speak to a member of our team today, call   or complete a callback form to have us get in touch with you at a time of your choosing. Alternatively, click the online quote button to get a free car insurance quote instantly.





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