Laid-up Insurance and Build-up Cover

When Adrian Flux began work over 40 years ago, it was as a specialist insurer for kit cars, helping customers other companies might ignore. After all this time, we still haven't forgotten our roots, and insuring car builders, modifiers and enthusiasts is still our biggest passion.

Laid-Up Motor Insurance

From kit cars being built to SORN insurance, cars laid-up in need of repairing, to ones you only use seasonally. Whatever your reason for keeping a vehicle off the road, Adrian Flux has the insurance for you.

There are all sorts of reasons that you might want to keep your car off the road but still keep it insured. Even when unused and parked in a garage, cars can be damaged by accident or by fire and can even be targeted by thieves and criminals. To help keep your motor intact whilst you aren't using it, we have teamed up with our experienced panel of insurers to find the ideal laid-up insurance policy for you.

We are also able to offer insurance for cars that wont be used on the road, but aren't laid-up. We have policies available for track cars, show cars and even purely off-road cars (vehicle must have a unique identification number, such as a chassis or engine number); as long as you wont be driving on the road you could get discounted insurance to help cover your motoring hobbies.

Laid-up Insurance Policy Features

With cover for almost any car and any situation, plus with a huge range of benefits available, there is no reason not to have cover from Adrian Flux. Below are just a few of the many features of our laid-up car insurance policies:

  • Discounted rates with no third party or liability insurance needed when you are off the road, we could save you money compared to a standard policy
  • Our laid-up and build-up insurances are available at two levels, fire and theft or fire and theft plus accidental damage, ideal to suit any budget and any need
  • Access to our 24-hour claims line; making our helpful team available to you, whenever you need
  • Cover for cars and bikes that aren't road legal or that are used exclusively on private land, such as off-roading vehicles or racetrack cars (vehicle must have a unique identification number, such as a chassis or engine number)
  • We can offer build-up insurance for cars that are off the road for repairs, customisation and modification helping to keep your project safe and protected
  • Insurance for your vehicle even whilst it has a SORN applied. Many insurers will only cover you whilst you have an MOT and tax, but we can arrange a specialist policy to help when they wont

Along with our fantastic car insurance offerings, we also provide home insurance policies tailored to those who have laid-up cars and ongoing motoring projects. We have access to schemes which are able to cover any car parts or motoring tools kept in your house or garage, something that many other home policies wont cover perfect for when you are repairing or modifying your car at home.

The UK's Largest Specialist Insurer

With over 40 years experience, an extensive panel of insurers to draw from and a team of passionate, expert staff, Adrian Flux is ideally suited to help you find the perfect laid-up insurance.

Based in our picturesque Norfolk offices, all of our helpful and friendly team members are on hand to help you get the quote you need, at a price you can afford. As motoring enthusiasts themselves, our staff can even help to answer any questions you might have about our laid-up and build-up insurance policies far more helpful than a comparison site or an automated phone line.

Call us today on 0800 369 8590 to speak to our team and to get your free laid up car insurance quote, or complete the callback form on our website.