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Left-Hand Drive Car Insurance

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Whether you love American cars or have imported a car from Europe, or if you have bought a model that is only available in LHD, insurance for left-hand drive cars can be a major hassle. Most mainstream insurance companies simply don’t have the experience to accurately understand left-hand drive cars. Thankfully we work a bit differently and can get you affordable left-hand drive car insurance.

Existing customers please call

Insurance for LHD cars

But it needn’t be a problem. As a specialist broker, with over 50 years experience arranging insurance for American and imported cars, we have been involved with left-hand drive cars for a long time. And our experience means that we can offer LHD car insurance at a fair, and surprisingly competitive rate.

So whether you have a classic Corvette, a Fiat Barchetta, Bugatti EB110 or even a humble Opel Corsa imported from the continent, we can offer a left-hand drive insurance policy that suits your car, with all the features you would expect.

  • Limited mileage policies.
  • Agreed value available on classic, cherished and modified cars.
  • Cover for all LHD models including:
    • American Cars
    • European Imports
    • Imports from the rest of the world
    • Motorhomes
    • Supercars
    • LHD only models or limited RHD production, such as:
      • Fiat Barchetta
      • MK1 Renault Twingo
      • DeLorean
      • BMW E30 M3
  • Insurance for cars re-registered in the UK
  • Foreign No Claims Bonus accepted.
  • Members of owners clubs and forums benefit from discounts of up to 15%.

Is it more expensive to insure a left-hand drive vehicle in the UK?

The reasons for owning a left-hand drive vehicle are almost infinite, but choosing a left hand drive shouldn’t mean that you need to pay more, nor should you expect a lower standard of policy or service. Because we offer cover for all types of car, and can offer quotes to drivers in just about any situation, we will tailor your quote and our advisers will try their best to ensure that the policy you have meets your needs perfectly.

Our staff are all seasoned insurance experts and will calculate your premium individually, using their expert knowledge of the many classics insurance schemes on offer. When you call us you will be speaking to a knowledgeable enthusiast, based in the UK, rather than a computer rate from a call centre, which doesn’t know a Ford Mustang and Ford F150.

Quicker & Cheaper rates by phone, please complete the call me form during office hours for an immediate left-hand drive insurance quote.





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