Mature Learner Driver Insurance

Not all of us have the dispensation or the desire to learn to drive at age 17. The cost of driving lessons, test bookings, a car plus the insurance itself is enough to put some teenagers off. Some of us choose to wait until we are a little older before getting behind the wheel for various reasons. Here at Adrian Flux we believe that your age shouldn't stop you from getting a good deal on insurance whilst you are learning to drive. With our specialist policy for older learner drivers, you can end up paying less than 75p* per day for cover

Insurance for Learner Drivers up to 40 years old

There are many reasons why one might wait to learn to drive. Students heading to cities to study see little reason to learn to drive until they have graduated, similarly city dwellers rely on public transport to get around. However once out of the city, many of us are much more reliant on having a car to get around. If you live in the countryside you may be looking at a sporadic bus service at best!

When you do decide to take the plunge, it's a great idea to boost your driving hours by practicing in a friend or relative's car, or even your own vehicle if you're lucky enough to have one. To do this you will need adequate insurance to protect you and the owner of the vehicle. Here at Adrian Flux we can offer a fantastic mature learner driver policy, which is customisable to suit your needs. Depending on how long you are learning for, we can offer you cover on a month-by-month basis, from three to twelve months. We can also cover you for a vehicle up to group 30 - meaning if you've splashed out on a high-performance motor you are not going to be charged the earth.

Here are some other policy features that are available:

  • Third party fire & theft available on year-long policies
  • All UK postcodes available
  • Vehicle owner's No Claims Bonus is unaffected in the event of a claim
  • Affordable rates from 75p* per day
  • 50% discount on second policy if wanting to learn to drive in more than one car

Specialist cover from Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux are known as the car insurance specialists, so there is no one better to trust to look after your learner driver insurance. You are guaranteed to be treated as an individual by our friendly and competent staff, based in our Norfolk offices. Getting a quote today is absolutely free!

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*Based on taking out a three month TPF&T policy costing £149† Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to read them