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Misfuelling Insurance Cover

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If you own a diesel car, when filling up you may have or nearly have put unleaded petrol into your diesel car. This is a very common occurrence, especially if you have previously owned or frequently drive a petrol car. Now you can cover yourself in the event of a misfuelling accident for just , with a policy from Adrian Flux.

Existing customers please call

It can be worryingly easy to Misfuel, an unleaded petrol pump nozzle is smaller than a Diesel nozzle and so fits into the fuel tank without resistance. And with an increasing number of households owning multiple cars which use different fuel types, accidents are becoming more commonplace. With a few things on your mind, or being in the usual routine of using petrol, a moment’s inattention can lead to a costly mistake…

Diesel Misfuelling is increasing in the UK as the sale of Diesel cars has dramatically increased over the last few years, cases of misfuelling have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

  • 400 people in the UK misfuel every day, thats 150,000 people a year!
  • The cost to drain petrol, repair parts and replace diesel fuel can come to anything up to £3,000 all told
  • The repairs needed after fuel is drained may not be covered by Insurance, Warranties or Breakdown cover

Insurance for wrong fuel incidents

If you have filled your car with the wrong fuel, we will arrange for the draining and removal of the contaminated fuel. If this is not possible where your vehicle is, then well take you to the nearest garage. We will also take any towed trailers or caravans attached to the vehicle, along with up to six passengers.

We drain the fuel and provide up to £250 worth of inconvenience costs cover in the event of misfuelling as well as putting £10 fuel in.

Some conditions apply to this cover, speak to an adviser or see policy documents for full details.

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