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Pothole Insurance for Just £59.99

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Did you know that if you claim on your car insurance policy for pothole damage, you’ll probably lose your no claims bonus and will have to pay your excess, leading to increased insurance costs when you renew? With the number of potholes skyrocketing in the UK, it’s now more important than ever to protect your vehicle in the event you run over one. We offer pothole insurance as an extra benefit to your car insurance policy.

Existing customers please call

At Adrian Flux, we offer pothole damage insurance as an extra benefit to your car insurance policy. That’s added protection for your car, your no claims bonus, and your wallet.

Does car insurance cover pothole damage claims?

While most car insurance policies cover pothole damage claims, if you do need to make a claim after driving over a pothole, you’ll probably lose your no claims bonus, need to pay your excess, and face higher insurance premiums when you renew your policy.

On top of this, even after you’ve got your car fixed following pothole damage, you could still face higher prices for years to come with a previous claim on your history.

This is why our add-on for pothole damage is such an effective way of protecting your NCB and avoiding the payment of your policy excess. By adding this to your insurance policy, you can prevent pothole damage from having negative and long-lasting consequences.

My car’s been damaged but I don’t want to lose my NCB – what can I do?

Having a separate insurance policy for pothole damage like this can be a great way to avoid claiming on your comprehensive insurance policy. As a result, you won’t have to lose your NCB.

If your tyres, suspension or alloy wheels have been damaged because you drove over a pothole, our pothole damage insurance helps ensure you don’t have to foot the bill. This is applicable for any vehicle, whether you drive a car, motorcaravan, or van.

This policy also has the added benefit that you’ll likely have to pay a lower excess.

Why choose pothole cover from Adrian Flux?

Potholes are estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads. With nearly 100,000 reported last year, you could face costly repairs and lose your no claims bonus. As a result, it’s now more important than ever to get the right cover.

Our pothole damage insurance:

  • Costs just £59.99 a year
  • Covers up to £1,500 in damages
  • Protects alloy wheels, suspension and tyres damage
  • Protects your NCB
  • Claim hotline is open 24 hours a day
  • Likely to pay a lower excess
  • Excess is reimbursed to you if we’re able to recover this money from the local authority
  • Covers Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands

Call us on for a no-obligation quote that includes pothole damage insurance. If you’re already a customer and you want to add this to your policy, get in touch on .


What should I do if I hit a pothole?

If you’ve taken out a pothole policy with us, call our claims hotline on and we’ll be able to help. Please note down the date and time of the incident, plus the location of the pothole that damaged your vehicle. You’ll need this information to make a claim.

You should also let the local authority know about the pothole so they can fix it. This will help prevent further costly damages and will also allow us to reimburse you for the policy excess should this money be retrieved.

How can I avoid pothole damage?

Follow these steps to avoid potholes:

  1. Stick to the speed limit to avoid costly damage
  2. Avoid puddles that could be hiding potholes
  3. Inspect your tyres regularly and keep them inflated as this can reduce damage
  4. Avoid braking while you go over a pothole: this can cause more damage
  5. Keep your hands on the wheel to maintain proper control
  6. Avoid swerving out of the way: this could make you a hazard and cause accidents

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