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Spare Car Parts Insurance

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It’s no secret that spare parts for cars and bikes can be worth a lot of money. In fact, it’s easy for even a part-time mechanic or car hobbyist to rack up a collection of parts worth far more than their actual vehicle is.

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Whether you own spares for your kit car or are in the process of modifying your day-to-day motor, are collecting parts for a future mod or have just got a few old spares lying around, your standard insurance policies could be leaving your vehicle spare parts dangerously unprotected.

Sadly, most household insurance policies exclude cars and their unattached parts, and even those that do offer cover could end up costing you dearly with high excesses and the premium rises after a claim.

But, with Adrian Flux’s Spare Parts Insurance, you can get cover for storing thousands of pounds worth of spares at home or in your car from as little as £12.99

Specialist Car Parts Cover

Vehicle spare parts insurance is ideally suited for people looking for an affordable policy that provides increased cover for valuable car parts. The insurance is available as either an add-on or standalone policy, with several pricing and cover options available:

  • £2,000 cover for one car – Spares for just £12.99 (add-on only)
  • £2,000 cover for two cars – Spares for just £17.00
  • £5,000 cover for two cars – Spares for just £26.00

Vehicle Parts Cover Key Features

The spare parts insurance policy will cover you for any loss of or damage sustained by your vehicles spare parts, provided they are kept inside a locked garage or outbuilding. The policy also covers you for the loss of any parts temporarily housed inside, but not attached to, your vehicle.

  • Policies starting at just £12.99
  • A low excess of just £50.00
  • Cover for up to £10,000 of spare vehicle parts
  • 24-hour claims line
  • Available as an add-on or as a standalone

Spare Car Parts Case studies

Lloyd, 60, from Portsmouth has a Mazda MX-5 as his second car. Lloyd keeps his detachable hardtop in his garage and only uses it if there is a chance of rain. Whilst unattached the expensive hardtop is left uninsured. With Adrian Flux’s spare parts cover for just £12.99 a year, he is safe in the knowledge that should his hardtop get stolen or should he accidental damage it, he will be reimbursed the value to get a new one.

Matt, 30, from Norwich prefers to use winter tyres on steel wheels rather than his large alloys in the winter. This way he grips the road better on his long commute during the wetter seasons and does not risk damaging his very expensive alloys. However whilst his alloys are in the garage they are not covered under Matts house insurance policy. Adrian Fluxs spare parts insurance protects the alloys whilst they are stored and not attached to Matts car.

Blake, 19, from Northampton owns a second car he takes to his local track at weekends. The car has lots of spare parts that are not always attached. Before taking his policy Blakes spares were not covered whilst locked in his Dads van at the track.

Get in touch with our specialist staff today for a quick and hassle-free quote on your spare car parts insurance, car, van, caravan or home insurance. With a team of experts in the UK waiting for your call, you can be sure that you get the perfect quote for you, whatever you drive and whatever your needs.

Not sure of exactly how much cover you need or what option is best for you? Already decided what you need and want a quote now?

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