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Car Insurance for Sports Professionals

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If you play sports for a living, you’ll know that finding an insurance quote at all is quite a nightmare, and finding a reasonable quote is nigh on impossible. And whether you play football, cricket, rugby, or something else entirely, taking time out to scour the market for a company that can cover you is the last thing you need.

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Insurance for Sports Professionals
If you play sports for a living, you’ll know that finding an insurance quote that covers you for everything you need at an affordable price can be very difficult. And whether you play football, cricket, rugby or any other sport, taking time out of your schedule to scour the market for cheap quotes is the last thing you need.

But fortunately, Adrian Flux understands the issues surrounding insurance for sports professionals, and our expert knowledge means that we can search the market for you to find a policy that provides the best level of protection, without punishingly high premiums.

While mainstream insurers are fearful of insuring professional sportspeople because of their high-profile status, the team at Adrian Flux is able to assess every insurance policy on its own merits and treat every sportsperson as an individual. This means that, whether you need car insurance or a household policy, your quote will be fair, and more competitive than you might think.

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Car Insurance For Sports Professionals
Between the prospect of a large personal injury compensation for high-profile sportspeople, and the worry that your car might be singled out by thieves or vandals, many insurers unfairly overcharge for athlete’s or footballer’s car insurance – but at Adrian Flux we do business differently.

Unlike our competitors who use pre-set rates to calculate your premium, our team of insurance experts will negotiate on your behalf with dozens of insurance companies and work out the best possible quote for you, whether you drive an affordable family car or a luxury supercar.

Some of the features of our sports player car insurance include:

  • Protected No-Claims Bonus – so one accident won’t ruin your unblemished driving record
  • Limited Mileage – from as little as 1,500 miles on some policies, so you don’t need to pay extra for miles you will not drive
  • Full range of Classic car insurance and high-performance car insurance policies available
  • Footballer and athlete’s car insurance policies available for most vehicles, including hatchbacks, 4x4s, supercars and more
  • Specialist schemes for drivers with motoring and criminal convictions

Home Insurance For Athletes, Footballers and More
Just as with car insurance, many insurers can hit sportspeople with extortionate premiums when they shop for home insurance, in part because of their high-profile, and the value of their home and its contents.

When it comes to finding home insurance for athletes, footballers and other sportspeople, we don’t use one-size-fits-all policies, standard set-rates or generic insurance policies. Instead, we work with you over the phone to tailor a policy to suit you and your needs exactly, giving you the right level of cover at the right price.

Our sports professional home insurance policies can include:

  • Insurance for high-value homes and high-value contents.
  • Cover for listed buildings and buildings of non-standard construction
  • Joint buildings and contents insurance for sportspeople.
  • Second homes and holiday homes can be covered.
  • A 24-hour helpline for making claims or getting help with home emergencies.
  • Insurance for home businesses and any business equipment kept at home, like computers and phones.
  • Cover for people playing a wide range of sports, including footballers, cricket players, wrestlers, tennis players and more.

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