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Temporary Car Insurance From The Specialists

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There are plenty of reasons you might want to take out temporary car insurance: you want to go to a wedding in style; you need a car for work; you want to test a car before committing to it. Whatever the reason, Adrian Flux offers short-term vehicle cover. And better yet, it’s activated immediately so you can make a quick getaway.

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Temporary car insurance is the ideal scheme for drivers who aren’t planning on needing their car over long periods; being much more convenient than taking out full policies and having to cancel them early. It doesn’t matter whether you own the vehicle or not, or whether someone else has already insured it in their name this policy provides the perfect backing to borrow other peoples cars over short periods.

With Adrian Flux’s daily car insurance, you will be covered to drive almost any make or model of car, from any standard vehicle through to motorhomes, classic cars and even modified racers. The policy will cover you for anything from one day insurance for a test drive up to three months insurance at a time, the perfect time to go on holidays, attend events across the UK or just go for a daytrip in any car you fancy.

Our short term motor insurance provides you with fully protective cover, no matter what car you drive. Insurance is offered at both comprehensive and third party fire and theft levels, with cover for windscreens and audio equipment also included.

Key Features Of Temporary Insurance

With our temporary car insurance you will be free to take holidays, road trips, test drives and attend events in any car you like, completely hassle and worry free. The temp car insurance policies can offer some of the same great benefits and protection as our regular policies, giving you and the cars owner complete peace of mind.

  • A massive range of vehicles can be temporarily insured, from kit cars to classics, modified motors to campervans
  • Insurance is available as either comprehensive or TPFT – allowing you to cover only what you need and pay only what you want
  • Up to £100,000 worth of free legal expenses

At Adrian Flux, we have more than 50 years experience finding the ideal policy to suit customers needs and we use our experience as the UK’s largest specialist broker to make your policy unique. Between the choice of comprehensive and TPFT insurance and our optional add-ons and massive range of discounts, we will help you tailor a temporary car quote to your needs and budget.

Our daily, weekly and monthly car insurance policies are designed to meet your exact requirements, with our team of insurance experts working with you to tailor a policy and to arrange the right cover at a suitable price.

To discover more of the benefits of this temporary insurance, or any other policy, and to find out how we can help you benefit from Adrian Flux’s decades of experience, either click the quote button below, complete a callback form online or dial 





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