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Car Insurance with a TS10 Traffic Light Offence

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If you’ve had a driving conviction in the past you may be struggling to find car insurance at a reasonable rate, or failing to find an insurer to insure you at all. Call Adrian Flux for a car insurance with a TS10 traffic light offence conviction quote.

Existing customers please call

At Adrian Flux, we know your past is not necessarily a guide to the future and as experts in finding cover for all types of specialist and unusual situations, our quotes department can arrange value for money, high quality insurance cover for convicted drivers whatever your history.

What is a TS10 driving offence?

A TS10 conviction is issued if you fail to comply with traffic light signals. It is mostly issued if you have driven through a red light, but can also be issued by the police.

What is the punishment for a TS10 conviction?

A TS10 will remain on your licence for four years from the date of the offence and most commonly three points will be added to your licence.

If you are convicted of a traffic sign conviction you will receive points on your licence, however the amount of points will depend on the severity of the driving offence you have caused.

Gaining points on your licence will make your insurance more expensive and insurers could consider you a risk and will ensure your premiums will rise accordingly.





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