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VW Golf R32 Theft Warning – Prevent an Insurance Claim with these tips.

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February 20, 2011
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Owners of VW Golf R32s are being urged to tighten up on security by a leading specialist insurance broker following an increase in thefts.

Theft prevention advice has been sent to more than 230 policyholders who insure R32s with Adrian Flux Insurance Services after the broker noticed a spike in theft claims.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Flux, said the broker had processed three claims for thefts of the hot hatch in recent weeks.

“R32s seem to be flavour of the month for car thieves and, while it’s not a huge number, we want to try to make sure the trickle doesn’t become a flood,” he added.

“Most of these cars have security systems fitted, but there are other ways people can deter thieves, so we’ve sent out some suggestions that will hopefully just jog people’s memories if they have become a bit lax with their security.”

The advice points out how car thieves have adapted their methods to get around modern security systems – by targeting your keys.

By burgling houses, car-jacking, test-driving cars for sale, getting into an unattended car at fuel stations, and jumping in when a car’s been left running to warm up, they can steal what they like.

“You don’t need to break into a car to steal it – you just need the keys,” said Mr Bucke. “Once they’ve got the keys they can take the car, and if they’ve already got someone ready to take it off their hands it can be incredibly difficult to recover an untracked car.”

The advice includes:

  • Keep your keys safe, even at home: don’t keep your spare keys in a cabinet marked “KEYS”, on a hook or in a bowl next to the door. When out, don’t leave keys on a restaurant or pub table
  • Don’t leave your car alone with its keys, or leave it running while you pop into a shop, or even when warming up on an icy morning – it only takes a few seconds to drive it away
  • If you have a driveway or garage, use it
  • Don’t inadvertently become a target for opportunist car-jackers: drive with your doors locked and your windows closed, especially at night
  • Keep valuables out of sight: if thieves can’t see anything in your car, they’ll move on. Do not keep valuables such as cameras, telephones, sat navs, and even clothing on display. Even evidence on your windscreen that a sat nav had been mounted there is enough for some thieves to have a go. Also don’t store your home address on your sat nav – a thief who has stolen your car will know where you live and that you’re not there
  • Consider fitting a tracker device to your car

Also, existing Adrian Flux customers can get discounts on car security from GAP Security by calling 0800 7832165.

Improved security could lead to a reduction in premium but, no matter what system you fit, remember that to a modern thief, your keys are as important as your car itself.

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