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Insurance for Cat A write-offs

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Category A write-offs are for vehicles that have been so badly damaged, there are very few salvageable parts and are recommended to never appear on the road again. However, for owners who care a lot about a particular vehicle, whether it is a one-of-a-kind, a sentimental treasure or a valuable asset, there are insurance providers out there who are willing to consider re-insuring the uninsurable.

Existing customers please call

By looking at each case individually, Adrian Flux can provide you with a quote to insure your cat a write-off, allowing you get behind the wheel of the car you love.

How to get your Cat A car back on the road

Whether you would like us to provide you with a quote for a 30-year-old Ferrari with flood damage or a 5-year-old BMW that has had fire damage, Adrian Flux will ensure that your personalised quote will give you the level of cover that you need, at a price which you can afford.

So if you are struggling to get insurance cover for your vehicle that has been previously written off, contact our insurance experts today to discuss your insurance needs.

Get in touch with Adrian Flux

Contact us today to arrange insurance for your Cat A vehicle and receive instant benefits for being with the UK’s leading independent insurance broker. You can call our friendly team on   free from a UK landline, alternatively arrange a free callback and one of our experts will phone you at your convenience.

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