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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Specialist Home Insurance for Concrete Houses

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If you are looking for comprehensive cover for your concrete home, you may be aware of the difficulties that home owners face when trying to get insurance for houses made from non-standard construction materials like concrete.  

Existing customers please call

Adrian Flux recognises the difficulties in getting home insurance from competitors due to the uniqueness of your home’s building material. We can now provide concrete homes with specially developed home insurance, giving you peace of mind that your policy won’t let you down should you ever need to make a claim.

Adrian Flux’s concrete home insurance features:

  • Cover for homes and properties built from concrete including self-builds.
  • Free claims line open 24 hours a day with dedicated counselling support available.
  • Discounts available for security measures including locks and alarms.
  • Reduced premiums for home insurance when you take out Building and Contents cover.
  • Payment instalment options as well as credit card and direct debit.
  • Eco Home insurance
  • Modern Home insurance
  • Self-built Home insurance

Things to think about when looking to insure a concrete house:

When looking to buy, properties being listed as a non-standard construction, or modern materials then there’s a higher chance it’ll be difficult to insure using other insurance companies.

Bought a concrete home? Chances many insurers and lenders will consider it “defective” unless it has been “repaired”, meaning the concrete construction needs to be bricked in to a specified standard. In many cases these concerns are unnecessary or irrelevant and well-maintained concrete homes are very robust. Indeed many architect-designed concrete houses are not only strong and durable, but also very green as modern concrete is a low-carbon building material.

Buying a concrete home can cost considerably less than the market value of a comparable standard home in a similar location. When maintained correctly, it not only makes a great home, but could also make you a good profit.

Why insure your concrete home with Adrian Flux?

Every potential or current homeowner is on a budget, looking for a great deal on cheap house insurance. Having a house built with specialist materials such as concrete means that you need to consider the additional risks associated with the building and ensure you take out cover that will protect you in the event of an incident.

Adrian Flux is an established insurance broker, and with over thirty-five years of insurance expertise, we know how to tailor our insurance products to give you exactly what you need.

We have a friendly, professional team of home insurance experts who can explain our policies to you, find you the cheapest quote and leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Call us for free today on   or request a quote online now.

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