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Home Insurance: Poor Credit, CCJ or Bankruptcy

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Poor credit, bankruptcies and CCJs can make getting home insurance from mainstream insurers difficult. Here’s where Adrian Flux comes in. As a specialist broker, we can consider you even if you’ve got poor credit, an active bankruptcy, or a CCJ.

Existing customers please call

Why should I choose Adrian Flux?

Whilst your poor credit could automatically get you rejected by online comparison sites, there’s nothing automated about Adrian Flux. We work on a case-by-case basis over the phone. This means we listen to the individual circumstances that have led to a CCJ or bankruptcy, meaning we can quite often provide you with insurance where other companies cannot.

As an insurance broker, we work with a range of specialist insurers that are more open to insuring those with a poor credit history. Whether you’ve only recently been issued a CCJ or you’re nearing the end of the six-year period it remains on your record, give us a call. We offer cover for a variety of situations.

Does a CCJ affect home insurance?

A CCJ is entered onto the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines and remains there for six years. Even if you pay the CCJ off before it is spent, it’ll remain on your record. This means lenders and insurers will be able to see the CCJ when they perform a credit check.

As a result, insurers will either refuse to insure you or will charge you extortionate amounts to counteract the risk involved with doing so. Thankfully, as we work closely with our panel of insurers, we’re able to get you quotes you wouldn’t otherwise find online.

Can I get house insurance with a CCJ?

You can still get household insurance, though you might be limited by the number of insurers who will work with you.

We know that owning your own house is a massive step. That’s why we aim to offer you affordable cover whenever possible.

Landlord insurance for a tenant with CCJ

We offer rent guarantee insurance for landlords, which would cover you in the event that your tenant isn’t able to pay their rent. If they have poor credit, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to get you the right legal cover.

Landlord insurance with CCJ

As a landlord, poor credit can be a huge barrier to your business. After all, you still need to protect your let property. Speak to us about your situation and we might be able to help.

Homeowners insurance after bankruptcy

Whilst bankruptcy is often a good way of clearing your debts, it can have serious repercussions on your ability to get credit. At Adrian Flux, we understand you’re probably facing many barricades in your daily life already, which is why we try our best to get you insurance even when others aren’t able to.


Do I have to tell my insurance company about bankruptcy?

Yes, you must disclose bankruptcies and CCJs.

These remain on your credit report, so it’s likely that if you try to make a claim, your insurance company will find out anyway. As a result, they’re likely to cancel and void your insurance policy, putting you in a much worse position than if you were simply upfront about your situation at the beginning.

How long do I have to disclose bankruptcy for insurance?

This depends on the insurance company or broker, as some ask if you’ve ever been bankrupt.

For the most part, insurers offer normal insurance terms six years after you’ve declared bankruptcy. This is also the amount of time the bankruptcy remains on your credit history.

Why does bankruptcy affect house insurance?

Essentially, because you’re seen as a bigger risk if you’ve declared bankruptcy. Most insurers believe that you either haven’t been employed consistently or you have poor spending habits.

As a specialist insurance broker, we view you a little differently. Instead, we realise that mistakes can be made and if you’ve declared bankruptcy, you’re more likely to pay instalments on time to prevent further issues with your credit. This is why we’re able to provide such great-value insurance policies.

Does bankruptcy affect car insurance?

It can affect whether or not insurance providers will insure you. Thankfully, we’re an insurance broker specialising in non-standard situations for cars too. Give us a call on for more information!

Can I get car insurance with a CCJ?

Yes, we offer CCJ car insurance for those with a County Court Judgements. Facing high car insurance premiums? If so, we’re here to help! Our personalised service ensures you get the insurance you need.





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