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Left-hand Drive Motorhome Insurance

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Whether you have an American RV motorhome or you have imported a European motorhome, or even if you have bought a model that is only available in LHD, you might find getting it insured is a major hassle.

Existing customers please call

Most mainstream insurance companies simply don’t have the experience to accurately understand LHDs. Their knee-jerk reaction is to hike LHD motorhome insurance premiums significantly compared with the equivalent right hand drive models.

Insurance for Left-hand Drive Motorhomes

As a specialist broker, we have more than 50 years’ experience arranging American motorhome insurance and cover for other European motorhome LHD imports. That experience means we can offer LHD motorhome insurance at a fair, and surprisingly competitive rate.

All of our cheap motorhome insurance policies include a free Green Card for European travel, with some schemes even allowing motorhome trips of up to 365 days at a time.

We can also offer discounts of up to 15% if you belong to a recognised forum or owners club.

Whether you are using a borrowed motorhome for an extended holiday or simply for fun weekends, we understand the key features you need from a motorhome insurance policy. That’s why we offer:

  • Agreed value cover – many insurers will only pay out the market value of your motorhome if you suffer a total loss – even if you’ve spent thousands keeping it in mint condition. We can assess your vehicle and agree cover for its true value, so you won’t get a nasty surprise if you need to make a claim
  • Specialist schemes – covering American & high-end European motorhome insurance. We can offer affordable policies for the high quality and larger vehicles that our competitors shy away from. So if you have a Burstner, Winnebago, Lord Munsterland, Roma, Adria, Hobby, Hymer or other specialist vehicle, please give us a call.
  • Limited Mileage discounts – the fewer miles you drive, the more you can save, from as little as 3,000 miles.
  • Contents cover – depending on the policy taken.
  • Modified / Converted cover – we can provide like-for-like cover for your modifications. Converted and Self-converted vans & buses can be covered too.
  • Owner’s Club Insurance Discounts – If you belong to a recognised owners club or enthusiasts’ forum, you can qualify for an insurance discount of up to 15%, depending on the policy you choose.
  • Temporary motorhome insurance – we can provide short term motorhome insurance if you are borrowing the vehicle for a trip.

We will calculate your premium individually, using our expert knowledge of the many schemes on offer. This is not an online quote with computer rates. Instead each risk will be individually calculated.

Our sales staff are insurance experts, not just button pushers, and, along with our tailor made schemes, we believe we offer the best annual motorhome insurance and temporary motorhome insurance service available.

Quicker & Cheaper rates by phone, please complete the call me form during office hours for an immediate left-hand drive insurance quote.

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