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Mustang Car Insurance

As the Mustang is one of America’s most notorious muscle cars, insuring it is often more expensive than insuring a standard car. Thankfully, at Adrian Flux we work a little differently. As a specialist insurance broker, we know that if you’ve forked out for a Mustang, you’ll treat it well, which is why we offer affordable Mustang car insurance to suit your needs.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Why choose Adrian Flux for Mustang insurance?

  • Cover for all kinds of Mustangs, from imports to UK-manufactured models
  • Like-for-like cover on modifications
  • Classic Mustang insurance available
  • Agreed value cover on your vehicle
  • Can help you get a better quote for your muscle car than standard insurance providers
  • Great discounts for limited mileage policies, car club members, and more
  • Optional extras available so you can get a tailored policy
  • Cover for track days and wedding hires
Modified Mustang car parked outside house
Modified Mustang car parked outside house

Get a Mustang Car Insurance Quote

Modern yellow Mustang parked outside

Are Mustangs expensive to insure?

In general, Mustangs are more expensive to insure than other vehicles, but we understand that if you’ve got your heart set on buying a Mustang, you’ll probably treat it well. It’s usually a good idea to call specialist insurance brokers like us to get a quote as we’re often able to provide more affordable cover for high-performance cars like the Mustang GT or Mach-E than more standard insurance providers.

Modern yellow Mustang parked outside

Which factors affect Mustang insurance premiums?

Ford Mustang insurance costs depend on a number of factors, including the model you’ve purchased. As a general rule, standard Mustangs are cheaper to insure as they often have lower horsepower than higher powered models such as the Bullitt or GT.

Other factors that affect insurance premiums include the vehicle’s age, any modifications that have been added, and whether you’ve purchased a limited edition Mustang, such as the 1966 Sprint 200 or SVT Cobra R. The cost of your insurance will also depend on details about the driver, such as where you live and how long you’ve been driving.

If you’re struggling to find affordable cover, get a quote from us. We offer Ford Mustang insurance for all models, including GTs and Mach-Es.

Illustration of person in front of red car
Illustration of person in front of red car

Get a Mustang Car Insurance Quote

Mustang steering wheel and dashboard

How to save money on your Mustang car insurance

Facing higher premiums than expected? There are a number of ways to save on insurance for your Ford Mustang. This includes:

  • Take out a limited mileage policy – ideal if the sports car is your second vehicle
  • Park in a garage or driveway to prevent your car from being stolen
  • Install security precautions such as a tracker or dashcam to improve safety
  • Join a car club or forum – we offer up to 15% off your premiums
  • Limit the amount of time you spend driving the Mustang
  • Have previous experience driving high powered vehicles
Mustang steering wheel and dashboard

How much is insurance on a Mustang for 18 to 20-year-olds?

Most young drivers will face higher insurance costs, especially for Mustangs, which typically have higher horsepower than most standard cars. You can always call us for a quote before you decide to purchase the Mustang. If your heart’s set on getting a Ford Mustang, it’s a good idea to follow our tips on saving money to get a better insurance deal.

Burgundy Mustang with flowers on hood parked outside house

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

Burgundy Mustang with flowers on hood parked outside house


Yes, as specialists in classic car insurance, we’re able to cover all types of classic cars, including Mustangs. So whether you own a restored 1964 Mustang or an early 2000s model, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As Mustangs are sporty by nature, you’ll find most Mustangs in relatively high insurance groups ranging from 39 to 45. Many GTs are at the higher end of that scale in insurance groups 43-45, whereas Mach-Es are found in groups ranging from 37 to 42.

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