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Whilst the word “prefab” might bring to mind post-war housing, inexpensive temporary accommodation and breezy mobile classrooms, the truth is that many people around the UK live in newly-renovated prefab homes, or even their modern equivalent – far removed from the popular image of the ’40s buildings.

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Prefab houses have come a long way since the 1940s and ’50s, with surviving models being converted and renovated into modern homes, whilst present-day companies now produce affordable modern pop-up houses suitable for any need in any location. Though original post-war prefab houses were built with a 10-year lifespan, many are still lived-in today, albeit with a few repairs and some asbestos removal along the way.

Although it is estimated that the number of post-war prefabs in the UK has halved each year since 2001, people are increasingly turning back towards modern prefabricated buildings as a quick and affordable alternative to self-builds and brick and mortar housing. Modern prefabricated houses can be quick to assemble, easily customisable and often provide a stylish home with all the usual mod cons perfect for getting that first foot on the property ladder or branching out into something a little different from the norm.

Despite prefab homes being a staple of British housing for the past 70 years, insurers still regularly class them as non-standard risks’, meaning that many won’t provide you with prefabricated home insurance, and those that do will hike up their premiums. At Adrian Flux we don’t punish our customers who choose to live in unusual houses, and our prefab buildings insurance schemes are designed to offer you all the protection you could need at a competitive, affordable price.

Features Of Insurance For Prefab Houses

Our home insurance provides you with the perfect blend of protection and affordability, using all of our experience to give you exactly what you need. Just some of the great benefits of our prefabricated home insurance include:

  • Full cover for a massive range of prefab houses, including listed, self-built and post-war properties and modern kit-homes
  • 24 hour claims hotline and access to our prefab insurance assistance helpline offering advice and contact with tradesmen.
  • Insurance for eco-homes, including their power-saving and green technology and utilities with contents cover
  • Discounts for additional security measures and alarms fitted
  • Discounted premiums available when you take both buildings and contents cover with Adrian Flux

Whether you live in a refurbished 1940s prefab or a sleek and modern pop-up; at Adrian Flux we have the prefabricated building insurance for you. Founded over 50 years ago to find specialist insurance for those that other companies wouldn’t help, we are very experienced in helping customers with unusual houses and we understand the precise needs of prefab owners.

All of our prefab home insurance policies offer an exceptional level of cover, protecting your building whilst also giving you the option of discounted contents cover too. Our specialist 24hour claims line and access to our prefab helpline also gives you the peace of mind that we can solve any problems you might have, whenever they might occur.

Our cheapest home insurance quotes are always available over the phone, and to speak to one of our specialist prefab home insurance team, just call   today or complete the free callback form on the website.

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