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Probate House Insurance

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The period of time when a home is under probate can be a difficult one for many people. The stresses and strains of wills and legal procedures coinciding with the death of a loved one can be hard to manage, with insurance often far from people’s minds. At Adrian Flux we have designed our probate home insurance to be as simple and hassle-free as possible, whether you are an executor or a solicitor, making it easy to keep unoccupied homes protected.

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Adrian Flux offers simple to understand probate cover, with policies that could provide pro rata cancellations and refunds, 30-day inspection periods, optional contents insurance and much more. All probate home insurance policies can be managed directly by solicitors, cutting down on work and worry for executors.

Why Do You Need Home Insurance During Probate?

Most standard home insurance policies will be voided if you leave a home unoccupied for more than 30 days, making them unsuitable for use during lengthy probate proceedings. Without getting specialist ’empty house’ insurance during probate you could be leaving your property unprotected against vandalism and break-ins, risking additional cost and complication.

If a house is unoccupied for longer than a policy’s allowed time, standard policies will often either be voided or have their protection reduced down to FLEEA cover. FLEEA, standing for fire, lightening, earthquake, explosion and aircraft damage insurance, provides a basic level of cover without protection against theft, storm damage, escape of water and other common risks.

The Benefits of Adrian Flux Probate Insurance

Home insurance during probate from Adrian Flux is available at two different cover levels, both available with optional contents insurance included. Standard insurance provides the full range of FLEEA covers, whilst Full Empty Property Cover also includes insurance for many more of the risks you care about, including:

  • Storm and flood damage
  • Escape of water and oil
  • Theft
  • Malicious damage and vandalism
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotion
  • Subsidence or landslip
  • Impact damage
  • Falling trees and telegraph poles

Probate is usually a short-term situation, and our policies can be designed with this in mind with cover from some of our insurers able to be cancelled on a pro rata basis. Pro rata cancellation means that you only pay for the number of days’ cover you actually need and use, rather than paying for full months – potentially saving you money compared to standard cancellation scales.

Once probate has ended you can transfer your home insurance to other types of policy too, making it easy to switch your cover over to a standard permanent policy, let home policy or any other cover needed once ownership has been changed. If you choose a policy offering pro rata cancellation terms, you will have the flexibility to quickly make changes to a home’s insurance after probate clears, whilst policy refunds can help fund a new policy in the owner’s name.

In addition to higher levels of cover and pro-rata cancellations, we can also offer more generous inspection periods than is common amongst our competitors. Whilst many insurers will insist on 14 day, or even 7 day, inspections, some of our empty property insurance policies only require an inspection every 30 days – providing greater cover and saving on time and hassle for executors.

Probate House Insurance Key Features

The key features of our probate house insurance policies can include:

  • Two levels of cover:
    • Standard FLEEA cover
    • Full Cover including theft, storm and vandalism insurance
  • Some of our policies offering 30-day inspection periods
  • Pro rata policy cancellation and refunds on some policies
  • Contents insurance options on all policies
  • Policies can dealt with directly by solicitors

As the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux has decades of experience helping people to insure empty properties. Our highly trained staff in the UK can assess your insurance needs on an individual basis, getting you the exact cover you need at a price you can afford.

To get more information on our policies for home insurance during probate, call us today on   or complete the callback form above with your telephone number.

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