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Student Car Insurance

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Owning a car gives you a lot of freedom as a student, but often this comes at a massive expense. If you’ve trawled through dozens of comparison sites and you haven’t been able to find a policy for the right price, give us a call. At Adrian Flux, we offer affordable student car insurance you won’t find on the comparison sites.

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  • Non-restrictive black box insurance with no curfew can help you save up to 60% on your next renewal
  • Find affordable quotes that aren’t available through comparison sites
  • Car insurance can be tailored to suit your needs and budget

Cheap car insurance for students

Higher education is full of costs, so we understand that you’ll likely want to save money on your car insurance. We offer FluxScore, a black box policy that almost makes you forget that you even have a black box. Unlike other telematics policies, FluxScore doesn’t give you a curfew, but it does reward you for safe driving and lets you see your daily progress and savings, with some young drivers even saving up to 60% on their next renewal. That’s more money you can spend on enjoying student life.

What is student car insurance?

Student car insurance is just like most other types of insurance, except it caters to the needs of young drivers. Whether you need cover while you’re at university or during the holidays while you’re back at home, car insurance for students can help you save money.

Do I need student car insurance?

Yes – anyone who’s planning on driving on public roads must have a valid insurance policy, and students are no exception. If you’ve already got a policy in place, you won’t need additional insurance, but you’ll need to tell your insurer about any changes in address or occupation.

For those who don’t currently have insurance in place but are going to start using their car when at uni, student car insurance is ideal for you. This type of cover can be a fairly affordable option.

How to get cheap car insurance as a student

Between paying for your own meals, going to parties and buying exorbitantly expensive textbooks, you might find yourself looking for inexpensive car insurance. We have a few tips up our sleeve for how you can get more affordable car insurance.

  • Ring around: don’t just rely on comparison sites; ring around too. Some affordable alternatives only operate over the phone. Did you know, for example, that almost 80% of customers who got an online quote in January 2020 could have found more affordable insurance with us?
  • Add extra security features: Thatcham-approved dash-cams and trackers can help reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Choose a car that’s cheap to insure: we have a list of the cheapest cars to insure for 17-year-olds. Classic cars are a surprisingly affordable option.
  • Get black box insurance: whilst you might have heard that telematics devices are too restrictive, options like FluxScore are a good alternative.
  • Join a car club or forum: Did you know that we offer up to 15% off your premiums if you’re a car club or forum member? Just let us know when you speak to us and we’ll apply it to your quote. Most car clubs are pretty affordable, so it works out in your favour.
  • Pass extra qualifications: as a young driver, you’re general viewed as a higher risk to insurers. Passing extra driving courses with PassPlus, IAM and RoSPA can help prove that you’re a safe driver.
  • Let us know if you drive limited miles: if you drive fewer than 7,500 miles, you could be eligible for a limited mileage policy, which is often cheaper than standard insurance policies.
  • Consider short-term cover: if you’re only using your car temporarily, whether this is during the holidays or during term-time, getting short-term student insurance can work out cheaper than paying for an annual policy.

Tailored student insurance policies

As a specialist insurance broker, we aim to make our policies as flexible as possible. That’s why we offer a range of optional benefits, meaning you can essentially tailor your insurance policy to suit your needs and budget. Some of the extra benefits we offer include:

  • Excess protection: young drivers’ excess is often set quite high, which means that if you do need to make a claim, you might struggle to foot the bill. With excess protection, even if you do need to make a claim you will be reimbursed the excess.
  • Keycare: around a quarter of car owners lose their keys at some point – or lock them in the car. If this happens, we’ll send out an engineer to help you get back into your car.
  • Breakdown cover: breaking down on the road or at uni can be a traumatic experience, especially for young and inexperienced drivers. Our breakdown cover ensures you get help as and when you need it.
  • Personal accident cover: if you’ve been injured in an accident, this type of cover can help you get the recompensation you deserve.
  • Agreed value cover: we can come to an agreement about the value of your car, which will be paid to you in the event of a total loss.
  • Cover on modifications: we offer like-for-like cover on modifications, so if you’ve altered your vehicle let us know.
  • Windscreen cover: as they are susceptible to wear and tear, windscreen cover can help prevent a small chip from getting out of hand.

Is an apprentice classed as a student for car insurance?

This is entirely dependent on your insurer. Make sure to clearly explain what you do to your insurer and they’ll make sure your policy is correct.

Do I need to tell my insurer if I’ve moved?

Yes. If you’ve already taken out insurance for your vehicle with us but you’re moving to live closer to your university, let us know and we’ll update your address. It’s also important that you let us know of any change in occupation, such as becoming a student, as this will affect your premiums too. It often even works out in your favour!

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