Van Tools Insurance

If you are a tradesman, then your tools are vitally important to your business. In many cases they are your business, and if they were to be stolen or damaged it would be not just a massive inconvenience, but a restriction on your livelihood. And yet more devastating to find out they were not covered by your standard van insurance policy.

Most self employed van owners own a large number of the specialist tools and plenty of equipment needed to help them do their job. In many cases your tools represent many years of investment in your business, and in the event of their loss, it could take many months to replace them without an appropriate insurance policy in place. Months in which you might have to turn down some jobs or struggle with the wrong tool for the job.

Now, we are pleased to offer what we believe is the essential top-up policy for all Commercial Vehicle customers. It covers the theft or damage to tools or equipment attributed to your business, and is covered whilst kept in the van and also in the loading/unloading process.

Of course, in an ideal world, everyone would unload all of their tools at night and lock them somewhere safe and secure, but this is not always practical, and, at the end of a hard day, few of us would really have the appetite for this chore, anyway. That's why, unlike some other policies available, ours also has the option to upgrade to overnight tools cover. This will cover your tools even if they are kept in the van overnight or if the van is left unattended outside of a locked garage or compound for more than 8 hours.

Insurance for Tools left in Vans

Our van tools insurance cover includes the following features:

  • Tools, equipment and stock whilst in any van owned or operated by the insured.
  • Damage to sheets, ropes, packing materials, dunnage etc. (subject to a limit of £1000)
  • Damage to a drivers or attendants personal goods up to £250
  • Up to £5000 cover per vehicle