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Wolfrace Car Insurance

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With over 50 years’ experience in the alloy wheel market, a successful exhaust and performance air filter range and a portfolio that caters for vehicles from the iconic Mini to the mighty Hummer, Wolfrace knows all there is to know about modified cars. That knowledge and experience has enabled us to develop insurance policies to protect your modified car, whatever it is and whatever the modification. Call us today

Existing customers please call

Benefits of taking a Wolfrace insurance policy

Take out a Wolfrace insurance policy today and you’ll receive a free set of Wolfrace locking nuts or bolts (depending on your vehicle), or 10% discount from any merchandise purchased at

Cover for any modification, any car

We have 200 different feature-packed and reasonably priced insurance schemes to choose from to find the perfect deal for you and your modified car.

You can change your car as much as you like, or as little as you like, but we won’t change the way we do things. We aim to find the best car insurance at the best price for your modified vehicle, no matter what it is and how you choose to customise it.

We offer special deals for:

Insurance for 4×4 modified cars

Many insurance companies penalise you for having a vehicle with off road modifications and capabilities. At Wolfrace, we know modified 4×4 drivers have invested a lot of time and money on their hobby vehicles and because of that they take better care of them making them less of a risk to insure.

Modified classic car insurance

The growing number of classic car owners who like to modify their vehicles are discovering that some of the more traditional brokers are not able to cater for their passion. We will. We love modified classic cars and we love the challenge of finding a decent policy for them..

Insurance for modified hot hatches

Because hot hatches are powerful, some insurance companies charge huge premiums, particularly if you are a younger driver. Whether you have a classic Mk1 Golf GTi, or one of the current crop of performance hatchbacks, such as the Ford Focus RS, we can help with a policy that suits you and your car.

Cover for imported modified cars

Wolfrace can offer value for money insurance deals on imported cars and grey imports – even if they have been modified. Whether you drive a Japanese import, an American car, or a parallel import from the EU, we can come up with great cover at a price you will love.

Modified kit car insurance

Many owners want to personalise their kit cars with extras like alloy wheels, uprated brakes and performance parts. But that can lead to problems when they try to find suitable insurance. That’s where Wolfrace can help.

Modified Mini insurance

The Mini is a British legend, and whether you are a fan of the classic Mini, or a lover of BMW’s re-imagined ‘New’ Mini, you’ll appreciate the unique qualities of our modified Mini insurance. Wolfrace has a range of insurance products for all street legal Minis, whatever modifications have been made to them.

Modified performance car insurance

Wolfrace have decades of experience in modifying prestige sports cars and luxury vehicles, and working with an insurance partner with a shared passion for performance cars, we have developed policies offering great cover at incredible prices.

SUV car Insurance

Owners of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) are often charged huge premiums for their vehicles, on the logic that a large four wheel drive car will cause more damage in an accident. We know that SUV drivers are, by and large, considerate, careful drivers, so you’ll be pleased to hear that, not only are our 4×4 & pick-up truck insurance rates remarkably reasonable, but we specialise in modified SUV insurance too.

Young driver car insurance

We have great deals for young drivers too, whatever the car and whatever the modifications you have made to it.

Other benefits of a Wolfrace policy could include:

  • Agreed value cover – many insurers will only pay out the ‘market value’ of your modified car if you suffer a total loss. We could assess your car and agree cover for its true value, so you won’t get a nasty surprise if you need to make a claim.
  • Laid up policies – so your projects are fully protected from theft or mishap.
  • Limited Mileage discounts – the fewer miles you drive, the more you can save.
  • Track Day / Rally cover – could be arranged on application, depending on the policy taken.
  • Owner’s Club Discounts – If you belong to an owners club or enthusiasts’ forum, you may receive a discount of up to 15%, depending on the policy taken.





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