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Category C and D Car Insurance

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Car write offs are split into four separate categories, ranked in severity from A to D. While A and B are typically written off due to irreparable damage to the car’s body or components, Category C and D write offs are often a result of financial viability – usually because the cost of repairs is higher than the value of the car.

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New insurance write-off categories were introduced in October 2017, with Cat N and Cat S classifications replacing the old Cat C and Cat D groupings.

You can find the updated classifications on the following links.
Category N
Category S
What is the difference between Category N and S

If you car is written off as a Category C or D, you can still get your car back on the road and insured. Even though these write offs are usually applied to low-value cars, or rare and especially difficult to repair cars, many people choose to repair them either to avoid the cost of buying a new car, or for the sentimental value they might hold.

What is the difference between Category C and D?

The criteria for Category C and D write offs are very similar, but there are some fundamental differences to take into account if you plan to get your car back on the road.

Crucially, while both categories result from financial issues, not mechanical, getting a Cat C car back on the road can be more difficult than a Cat D. This is because a new VIC certificate is required following the repairs to a Cat C car, but not a Cat D, meaning the car must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it has been made road-legal again.

Getting written off car insurance

Whether you need insurance for a Cat D write off, or a Cat C, at Adrian Flux we have policies that can help you. With your car repaired and recertified, you could take advantage of a policy offering:

  • Insurance for imported cars, and left-hand-drive cars
  • 90day European green card cover
  • Like-for-like modification cover
  • Agreed value insurance
  • Owner’s club discounts
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Plus much more…

To find out more about Adrian Flux’s insurance for written off Category C cars and Category D cars, and to get a quote, call us today on 

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