Comprehensive Drive Any Car Insurance

Not being fully insured to drive more than just your own car is a major frustration for many drivers. If an emergency crops up, you may well need to borrow a friend's, neighbour's or family member's car, only to be held back by a lack of cover.

Many insurance policies on the market will insure you for driving other people's cars, but often then leave you liable for the full cost of any damage in the event of an accident by only offering you third party only cover.

Providing an existing or new insurance policy with Adrian Flux has a drive other cars benefit attached, giving you third party cover to drive any other car, Adrian Flux's Any Driver Insurance policy will extend that cover to provide comprehensive equivalent insurance. Whenever you drive someone else's car, the policy extension will also cover you for costs resulting from accidental damage, fire and theft.

If you crashed a friend's car worth £10,000 using just your driving other cars extension on your insurance policy without Flexdrive, you could be liable for the full £10,000, and maybe even much more. With this policy, unique to Adrian Flux, both you and the owner can have complete peace of mind that you are fully insured for damage to their car, and that of a third party.

Whether you need to borrow a friend's car for a house move, your parent's car to drive them to the airport or a mate's car just to get back from the pub, we provide insurance for all cars owned by anyone that you don't live with. Even better, there are no complicated forms to complete and you won't even need to notify us each time you use a different car giving you the flexibility to just hop in and take to the road.

Get Full Insurance For Every Car

Our unique drive any driver insurance policy, provided by no other company on the insurance market, is ideal for helping you make the most of other people's cars; giving you both the flexibility and security to drive any car you need with full cover in an emergency or on a temporary basis - secure in the knowledge that you are fully covered.

Just a few of the great benefits of our Flexdrive policy include:

  • Cover for claims up to £20,000 for any car that you drive
  • Fully flexible and comprehensive insurance on any car covering accidental damage, loss, theft and fire damage to the car
  • No forms to complete to drive a different car and no need to let us know; just get in and drive away - ideal for emergencies
  • You can drive any car you need, provided you are legally able to do so - letting you borrow cars for anything from moving house, visiting friends across the UK or simply going to the shops

With a Flexdrive policy from Adrian Flux, you and the car owner can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Why risk driving another car and having to pay massive costs for any damage due to inadequate insurance, when our policy can offer you both flexibility and security; leaving you with only an excess to pay.

Adrian Flux has over 40 years experience providing specialist cover to all of our motor insurance customers and is now the UK's largest specialist broker. leaving us ideally placed to bring this new policy to you. Far from confusing comparison sites or call centre staff that merely read from a script, all of our staff are trained insurance experts, on hand to personally answer any questions you have and to get you driver cover insurance for any vehicle.

To find out more information about how you can get any driver insurance with the Flexdrive insurance add-on, call us today on 0800 369 8590, or complete a callback form and we will call you, free of charge.