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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Cheaper Car Insurance from Adrian Flux

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Whatever car you drive, you will know that most car insurance companies are just waiting for an excuse to send your premium shooting through the roof. And whether it’s your age, or the fact you drive a high performance car, or your driving history, or because they say you live in the ‘wrong’ place, they are sure to have a plausible excuse for charging you so much.

Existing customers please call

Insurance for people who love cars

And when you’re speaking to your insurer on the phone at renewal time, does it sound as though they care two hoots about your car, or do they seem to treat you as just another number in a giant spreadsheet?

Well, here at Adrian Flux, we do things differently. We understand car enthusiasts, because we are car enthusiasts.

And we know that the kind of people who know about cars and care about cars, talk about cars and read about cars, eat, drink, sleep and dream about cars in short, people who love cars make better drivers.

Great insurance deals for your Pride and Joy

So, if your car is your pride and joy, we’d love to speak to you. With over 50 years experience of arranging high quality insurance for car lovers we recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach will always leave those drivers with more unusual needs paying more than they need to.

That’s why we have literally hundreds of insurance schemes available, so we are able to arrange tailored cover for just about every combination of vehicle and driver imaginable, from the family saloon through 4x4sclassicsimports & prestige marques, right through to hot hatches and the most extreme modified rides.

And when you call us, you won’t get some computer rate in a Calcutta call centre. You’ll be talking with a knowledgeable car enthusiast who’ll do everything in their power to get you the very best quote possible.

We don’t believe in giving all our customers the same policy regardless of their particular needs. That’s why all our policies are chosen especially to suit you. We offer flexible and competitive quotes for all circumstances, sourcing the best available scheme from amongst the many offered by our panel of over 30 insurers.

Why waste your time ringing round dozens of companies when we can do it for you? If you do ring round, come to us last we will do our very best to beat the cheapest quote you get.*

Save Money Get Cheaper Car Insurance

By following a few simple tips you could save yourself a lot of money on your car insurance premium. In fact, some drivers could save hundreds of pounds.

Only drive a few thousand miles a year? Then a limited mileage policy is for you. The fewer miles you drive, the more money you save starting from as few as 1,500 miles per year. If you only ever get your pride and joy out for rallies and exhibitions, you could save even more with our special policies for show cars.

Some insurance companies will happily take your money, but when you have to make a claim they pay out only the ‘market value’ of your car, even though you’ve spent tons of cash keeping it in concours condition. We can assess your car and agree cover for its true value, so you won’t get a nasty surprise, should you ever need to make a claim. We can even offer agreed valuation over the phone in many cases.

Are you a member of an owners club or online forum? If not, join one you could get an extra discount of up to 15%.

Just passed your test? Get yourself a PassPlusIAM or equivalent qualification and we can knock up to 25% off your first premium.

Modified your car? Make sure you tell us about all your mods, even if they don’t enhance the performance. Some might even reduce your premium. More importantly, you’ll also get like-for-like cover on all your upgrades. And don’t forget to tell us about your top-spec ICE system if it’s non-standard!

Go on rallies or meets? Track day cover can be arranged as needed on many policies.

Keep your car garaged if you can, and install the best alarm system you can afford and you’ll pay less.

So don’t delay, GET A QUOTE NOW, and see how much you could save with Adrian Flux.

Our sales staff are insurance experts and not just button pushers and along with our many tailor made high performance and hot hatch schemes we believe we offer the best quotation service around.

Quicker & Cheaper rates by phone complete the call me form during office hours for an immediate, no-obligation quote.

* On a like for like basis, subject to normal underwriting acceptance.
** Sample quotes are for premiums as stated covering drivers with a clean license and full No Claims Bonus (unless stated otherwise). Cars are assumed to be garaged unless otherwise stated. These illustrative quotes, valid as at 18/07/2006, are provided for information only and do not form the basis of any contract or tender. Policy excesses may differ, dependent on risk and scheme.

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