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Jaguar Insurance

At Adrian Flux, we have a long history of offering Jaguar insurance to our customers, covering both classic and modern Jaguars. With schemes for both classic cars and prestige cars, we can offer specialist Jaguar car insurance, whether you drive a vintage SS, a sporty Jaguar XK8 or even the latest Jaguar model.


Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Affordable Jaguar insurance for classic and modern models

Jaguar drivers are often penalised by insurance companies – and they may not even know it. The problem is that all Jaguar cars are relatively powerful, so they’re treated as performance cars by mainstream insurance companies. This results in high premiums being quoted for Jaguar car insurance, as the computer rates will fail to take into account the distinctive qualities of the typical Jaguar driver.

Classic Jaguar insurance presents a different set of problems. Often, the insurance company won’t know the true value of your car, so you might find that your policy doesn’t cover your car for its true worth, even when you get agreed value cover.

That’s one of the reasons why our agreed value cover for Jaguars stands out. We use the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club’s expertise so you can get peace of mind that you know how much you’ll get – no matter what.

At Adrian Flux, we take the approach that people who buy a Jaguar will do their best to take care of it. We know that your Jaguar may be a cherished or classic vehicle, which means it won’t be used as a daily driver. And because we know this, we can offer you superior Jaguar car insurance at incredibly low prices.

Our highly trained insurance experts have access to a huge variety of schemes. Couple this with the fact that all our schemes are designed with you in mind, we are confident we can offer you a Jaguar insurance policy that’s just right for you.

Close-up of Jaguar marque
Close-up of Jaguar marque

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Which Jaguars do you cover?

We offer insurance for all types of Jags, whether you’ve got a classic or modern model. More specialist areas like modified Jaguars are also covered, plus we offer like-for-like cover on mods to boot.

Got a left-hand drive Jag that’s been imported to the UK? If so, no worries – just give us a call. We also offer multi-car policies with discounts, so if your Jaguar is your second car, you can insure all your vehicles with us.

Jaguar steering wheel close up

Why choose Adrian Flux for Jaguar insurance?

As a specialist Jaguar insurance provider, we can offer a completely tailored insurance experience. While you’ll find that most standard insurance providers make you pay a lot for features you don’t particularly need, with Adrian Flux, you only pay for what you need. Some policy benefits include:

  • Protected NCB: even in the event you need to make a claim, this protects your no claims bonus.
  • Extra cover for driving of other cars: we can increase your driving other cars (DOC) cover to fully comprehensive cover. Ideal if you need to borrow your friend or family member’s car.
  • European green card cover for extended periods: perfect for those summer trips abroad.
  • Agreed value cover: this is ideal if you have a performance or classic car as it will help ensure you get compensated properly in the event of total loss.
  • Like-for-like cover on modifications: altered your Jaguar? This cover can help you get suitable compensation.

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Jaguar headlight close-up

How can I save money on my Jaguar car insurance?

Our staff deal with unusual insurance situations every day, so they aren’t constrained by typical computer rates. When you call Adrian Flux, you will be speaking to a fully clued up UK-based enthusiast. That, coupled with our bespoke Jaguar car insurance schemes, make us believe we offer the best Jaguar insurance quotation service around.

We also offer Jaguar insurance discounts for any of the following:

  • Limited mileage: if your Jag is your second vehicle, you’re probably driving limited miles, which can help reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Owners club or forum members: we offer a discount of up to 15% simply if you’ve joined a car club or forum.
  • Security features: dash cams, trackers and other security enhancements can help cut your insurance premiums as they improve the safety of your vehicle.
  • Experience driving performance cars: whether you’ve previously owned Jaguars or you’ve rented a performance car in the past, this will help reduce your premiums.
Jaguar headlight close-up

Which Jaguar insurance group is my model in?

Most Jaguars are on the higher end of the insurance group scale.

Jaguar modelInsurance group
Jaguar car with beautiful mountainous background

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