Blue Light Insurance

Adrian Flux understands the issues that customers face surrounding car insurance when a vehicle is used in emergency situations requiring blue light insurance cover. Our policies can be used for privately or corporately owned cars and ambulances, as well volunteer and charitable vehicles used in responding to emergencies and all other types of emergency service vehicle.

Blue light car insurance is something that many insurance provides won't consider offering to customers because of the perceived risk of insuring vehicles that rush towards the scene of a potentially dangerous incident. Not only this, but sometimes vehicles responding to fires, car accidents, medical emergencies or any other complex situation, will often require specialist equipment and apparatus which count as a vehicle modification. Whether your modifications are winches for road traffic accidents, searchlights for search and rescue vehicles or radios for private fire service cars communicating with their team, Adrian Flux can provide affordable cover.

Who needs blue light insurance?

Many volunteers and paid staff alike are unclear, based on the services they provide, if they are allowed to have blue lights displayed on their vehicles. Providing you have the appropriate Local Authority permission to drive with blue lights, the following occupations may need and can use them, amongst many others:

  • Paramedics and First Responders
  • Medical couriers (organ, blood & tissue transfer)
  • Patient transfers
  • On-call doctors
  • Fire brigade private vehicles
  • Police force private vehicles
  • Ambulance service private vehicles
  • Search and rescue vehicles

With more than 40 years experience in providing customers with the best specialist insurance quotes possible, Adrian Flux can help you find the most suitable blue light insurance policy for your needs. It is vital that you keep your emergency vehicle, whether it is for private or public service, protected as an incident could lead to major problems.

Features of Adrian Flux's Blue Light Car Insurance

At Adrian Flux, we work hard to make sure that the most important elements of blue light insurance are included in our policies, giving you flexible options and the best deal available. Here are a few features weve highlighted that may benefit you:

  • Like for like cover on emergency vehicle modifications such as winches, searchlights and radios if item is less than two years old.
  • Dedicated team of claims specialists are available 24 hours a day to process claims and answer any questions you may have.
  • With an extensive range of affordable cover options available, including breakdown cover, legal insurance and windscreen cover, protecting yourself against potential problems couldnt be easier.
  • Easy instalment options are also available for customers. Unlike some blue light insurers expect the total premium immediately, Adrian Flux allows your budget to fit flexibly around the policy youd like to take out.
  • Discounts available for those who have taken courses such as IHCD D2 and EFAD

For further information on our Blue light insurance, please contact our specialist team for free on 0800 396 8590 , or request a free call back today.

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