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Have You Had Home Insurance Cancelled or Refused?

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We’re a specialist insurance broker working with those who have had their home insurance cancelled or refused in the past. Proud to insure the “uninsurable”.

Existing customers please call
  • Buildings, contents and combined cover available
  • Speak to our staff personally on the details of your case
  • Proud to help insure customers finding it difficult to get a quote

Why was my home insurance cancelled or refused by my insurer?

There are several reasons your home insurance could have been cancelled. For instance, if your circumstances have changed since you moved or you’ve recently made several claims. Other reasons include:

  • Your house has current or previous subsidence issues, which is seen as a high risk to insurers. Don’t worry, we offer subsidence insurance too.
  • You live in a high flood risk area. Thankfully we also provide flood insurance!
  • Disclosure issues: if you didn’t let your insurer know about a particular aspect of your situation, this counts as non-disclosure. Examples of this include: not telling them about a previous claim, or not disclosing that you run a home-based business.
  • The insurer has stopped insuring certain house types. This happens, and is often the result of a merger or acquisition, or simply because they’ve realised a policy they once insured is now too high-risk.

Will a refused or cancelled home insurance policy make it more difficult to get cover?

Yes, it’s likely to make the process more difficult. Most insurance companies will ask if you’ve ever had a cancelled or refused policy when you ask them for a quote.

Even if you’re tempted to deny this, we would advise against this as the truth could catch up with you. The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) is set up as a way for insurers and underwriters to share information about certain types of insurance. This helps them catch non-disclosure and fraudulent claims.

As a result, not voluntarily disclosing this information would probably be a more expensive mistake compared to the small bump in your home insurance premiums you’ll face for a previous policy being refused or voided.

How to get home insurance after cancellation

At Adrian Flux, we insure people on a case-by-case basis. That means that when you speak to us, you’ll get none of the flat-out refusals that you might face with online quote tools. Instead, you speak to one of our experienced members of staff, who will do their best to get you a quote.

With a panel of over 30 insurers, we work with specialist insurance companies that are more willing to take on high-risk customers. Speak to us today to find out if we can help. It takes just 15 minutes to get a quote.

How can I prevent my home insurance being cancelled or refused in the future?

While some reasons for voided or refused insurance are beyond your control, there are a few ways you can prevent your home insurance from getting cancelled or refused.

Landlord Legal Protection


Keycare for Landlords


Home Emergency Cover

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