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Luggage Trailer Insurance

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Having a luggage trailer is incredibly useful for anyone needing extra storage space to transport his or her baggage when on the road. Using a trailer for baggage can come in useful if you’re driving to your holiday destination and need space for camping equipment, sports equipment, bedding and laundry or suitcases. As the items you’ll be transporting are valuable to you and your holiday, making sure you have adequate and suitable luggage trailer insurance with the right provider, like Adrian Flux, in the event of an incident.

Existing customers please call

Adrian Flux arranges camping equipment cover and luggage trailer insurance to families who enjoy camping and taking holidays in the UK and in Europe or anyone whose hobby involves transporting equipment for activities like skiing, camping, night fishing or travelling and may have to use a small cargo trailer to move their gear around.

Whether your luggage trailer only comes out of the garage for the summer holidays, or if you use it once a month on trips out, Adrian Flux has trailer insurance to cover it. Our insurance rates are competitive, and our cover is comprehensive giving you the protection you need and peace of mind whilst you’re on holiday.

Key features of Adrian Flux’s luggage trailer insurance

  • 30 days European green card cover for all EU countries
  • Up to 17.5% discount for trailers with data tag security
  • Cover against accidental damage, fire and theft
  • Cover for trailers worth up to £40,000
  • Up to £1m public accident liability cover

Camping Equipment Insurance

Adrian Flux can also offer customers camping equipment insurance for all elements of your camping trip, which are covered for any eventuality. With cover starting from £26.50, you can insure all of your camping equipment and trailer whether you’re spending the weekend on the Cornish coast, or going on a week-long camping trip in the South of France. Adrian Flux will insure all tents that are transported in a trailer, furniture and furnishing associated with your camping trip, personal possessions, luggage and the trailer subject to an excess of £25.

For more information and advice on luggage trailer insurance, Adrian Flux has a team of insurance experts who can answer any further questions you may have. Call for free today on  .

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