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Builder’s Trailer Insurance from Adrian Flux

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If you use a trailer to carry building waste, oversized tools, machinery or building materials, you may need to consider covering your trailer and its contents in case the worst should happen. Towing your trailer with your work van or car may cover it for road risks, but will not cover fire, theft, accidental damage or public liability which could leave your company at risk in the event of an incident.

Existing customers please call

Whether you’re a keen DIYer or have a major renovation project, Adrian Flux can provide you with insurance for trailers covering a host of benefits, ensuring your trailer has the best protection.

What does Adrian Flux’s builder’s trailer insurance cover?

The policies selected by Adrian Flux for builders trailers are specially selected to cover the following features as standard:

  • Cover for trailers worth up to £40,000
  • Up to £1m public accident liability cover
  • New for old cover if your trailer is up to 3 years old at the time of a claim
  • 30 days European green card cover for all EU countries
  • Suitable for transportation of building waste, large tools, machinery and building supplies

Helpful hints for using your trailer for building purposes:

  • If the trailer’s contents, like any large pieces of machinery, causes an obstruction to the rear view mirror, additional mirrors on each side of the towing vehicle must be attached
  • The weight of the trailer and contents must be within the vehicle’s towing ability and not more than 85% of the car’s kerb weight if the trailer has brakes, or 50% if it doesn’t
  • The maximum trailer width in the UK and EU for builder’s trailers is 2.55m
  • Depending on when you passed your driving test (before or after 01.01.97), the towing allowance will differ

Adrian Flux has a specialist team of trailer insurance experts who are able to help you with any further questions you may have about builders trailer cover. Call them today on   for a no obligation insurance quote.

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