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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Insurance

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Sourcing wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) insurance, can be a struggle. Mainstream insurers aren’t usually aware of vehicle adaptations or your needs as a motorist with disabilities. We will find a policy to match your vehicle and personal needs.

Existing customers please call

Where other specialist brokers struggle to offer a competitive rate with their limited selection of schemes, Adrian Flux has the experience, knowledge and freedom to provide an impressively wide range of policies designed to meet your needs. We can offer great cover and a fair rate for your WAVs in almost any situation.

Features of our WAV insurance

Insuring wheelchair accessible cars or vans is not the same as insuring a standard car. That’s why the WAV insurance that Adrian Flux can arrange offers the following features:

  • Like for like cover on all adaptations and modifications
  • Up to £1,500 cover for your manual wheelchair while it is in your vehicle
  • Cover for family, friends and carers to drive your vehicle
  • Any driver cover option
  • Cover for young disabled drivers from 16 upwards
  • 90 days European Cover
  • Suitable courtesy car in the event of an accident (subject to availability)
  • Motability claim-free driving accepted in lieu of No Claims Bonus
  • New for old cover on adaptions

What types of adaptation require WAV insurance?

Talk to one of our expert underwriters today to save time and money on your insurance if the following wheelchair adaptations apply to your vehicle:

  • Fitting of wheelchair hoists, ramps or tail lifts because of mobility issues
  • Fitting of adapted hand controls because of difficulty in the use of your arms
  • Lowered suspension or ramps
  • Wheelchair tie-downs and seatbelts

To find out more, just give our trained underwriters a ring to talk you through your needs and options. They will quickly help you to find a quote with minimum fuss.

Simply click the button to arrange a free call-back at a convenient time, or call for your specialist, bespoke insurance quote.

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Is my wheelchair insured during transit too?

Yes, we offer up to £1,500 cover for manual wheelchairs when they’re in your vehicle. Give us a call if they were damaged in transit and we can help cover the costs or repairs or to replace the wheelchair.

Will the replacement vehicle I’m given match any adaptations I have for my vehicle?

We try our best to find you a suitable replacement that matches your needs. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and will depend on your location and the replacement vehicles available. When we can’t find a suitable replacement vehicle, we’ll cover the costs of travel to your next destination.





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