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Cheap Van Insurance for Young Drivers

At Adrian Flux, we understand that if you want to drive a van and you’re a teen driver, you’re probably doing so for your job, or even to start your own business. With this knowledge, we can offer you cheap young driver van insurance.

Car insurance is expensive for new drivers at the best of times, but this doesn’t come close to the expense of van insurance for young drivers. At Adrian Flux, we understand that if you want to drive a van and you’re a teen driver, you’re probably doing so for your job, or even to start your own business. With this knowledge, we can offer you cheap young driver van insurance.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Why is van insurance so expensive
for young drivers?

Most insurance groups think young drivers are riskier than other age groups. This is why insurance is usually a lot more expensive for those who are new to the road.

With our different view on young van drivers and our relationships with over 40 insurers, we can often get you a deal you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Our best quotes are usually given over the phone, so give us a ring to get affordable young driver van insurance.

How to get cheap van insurance for young drivers

The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on a number of factors, including the van you intend to drive. If you’re under 25 and already face high insurance costs, choosing a van from a lower insurance group can reduce the amount you’ll have to pay.

If you’re interested in getting cheaper van insurance as a young driver, you could be eligible for black box van insurance on FluxScore. This rewards good driving, helping you save up to 60% on insurance premiums. With updates given daily through the app, you’re able to keep track of how much you’re saving and where you might need to adjust your driving.

Get a Cheap Young Van Drivers Insurance Quote

Tips to save money on van insurance

If you’re still facing high premiums, give us a call. Over 79% of online customers could have got cheaper insurance if they’d spoken to us over the phone instead. It only takes about 15 minutes for us to compare over 40 quotes.

Only going to drive your van a few thousand miles a year? Let us know and you could save money!

Extra qualifications like PassPlus, IAM and RoSPA can help you save up to 15% on your quote.

Modded your van? If so, let us know. While some raise your premiums, additions such as alarms could help reduce them.

Do you have a no claims bonus for a motorbike, scooter or moped? You can use this against your van insurance policy.

We offer agreed value cover on modified, classic and modern vans, which would help you save money if your vehicle gets written off.

Why choose Adrian Flux?

  • Great value van insurance for young drivers
  • Winners of the What Van? Award 2018
  • Highly flexible insurance policies
  • Suitable for private van owners, sole traders and fleet owners alike
  • Discounts for low miles, extra qualifications, and more
  • Optional extras can be included, such as:

Business van insurance for young drivers

If you’re using your van for business, such as for commuting, work, or for transporting goods to sell, you’ll need a business policy.

Speak to our staff on what you can do if you need van cover for business use. Even if you’ve been turned down by other insurance providers, let us know and we could still help.

Over 79% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

Specialist van insurance for young drivers

In need of specialist cover? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Adrian Flux, we’re experts in providing insurance for unique situations. Whether you’ve modified your vehicle or you have your own set of unusual circumstances, give us a call and we could help.

What type of van insurance do I need?

Van cover ranges from third-party only cover to fully comprehensive plans. The differences are as follows:

Third-party only:

Covers damage to other people and cars.

Third-party, fire and theft:

Covers damage to other people and cars, plus your car in the event of a fire or theft.


Highest level of cover available. This covers everything in the tiers above, plus damage to your car.

Still not sure if we’re the right insurance broker to help you? Just give us a call and we can look into your case. We’re open seven days a week!

  • 5 star rating
    Adrian Flux give great value Adrian Flux give great value, staff are very helpful. I was surprised to find breakdown insurance for my motorhome was included in a very fair premium. Richard L
  • 5 star rating
    Excellent service and competitive… Excellent service and competitive price, everything was explained in detail about the policy enabling you to choose the right one for you. Paul Oakes
  • 5 star rating
    Quote team was very helpful Quote team was very helpful, down to earth and happy to help me. I got quoted £1340 for my minbus, Adrian flux got me the same cover for £702. The staff made me feel welcome and valued! Daniel Martin
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