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Cat C Car Insurance

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Every year in the UK hundreds, if not thousands, of cars are written off. Cars are written off for a variety of reasons, usually either because of irreparable damage or being too expensive to repair, and write offs are ranked from Category D to A.

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New insurance write-off categories were introduced in October 2017, with Cat N and Cat S classifications replacing the old Cat C and Cat D groupings.

You can find the updated classifications on the following links.
Category N
Category S

Category C write offs are one of the categories of car that can be returned following an accident or damage, and for the most part they will have been written off by your insurer.

Insurers will often declare cars written off if they determine that the cost of repairs are not financially viable – usually on older, low-value cars, or rare cars which would incur high repair costs.

Despite your car being written off, there are many reasons for wanting to repair it and get it back on the road – whether the car holds sentimental value, is one you’ve repaired and restored yourself, or is a one-of-a-kind classic.

How to get Category C insurance

Adrian Flux’s write off car insurance has been designed to help you to get your previously written-off car back on the road as soon as possible, with the minimum of hassle.

As motoring enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the connection that many people feel with their cars, and how hard it can be to give up a classic or car with sentimental value – so it’s no surprise that so many people choose to repair their damaged motor.

Once your car is repaired, tested, and certified safe and road legal again, our standard car insurance for Cat C write offs can provide:

  • Agreed value insurance
  • Like-for-like cover for modifications
  • European green card cover
  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Owner’s club discounts
  • Protected no claims bonuses
  • Insurance for imports, left-hand-drive, and high-performance cars

Call for a Cat C insurance quote

To find out more about our Category C car insurance, and to get a quote from our team of insurance experts, call us today on  .





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