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Home Contents Insurance

Get home contents insurance to protect your possessions against damage, theft and loss. We can cover all types of belongings, including high-value items worth over £1,000.

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Existing customers please call:

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a type of household insurance policy that covers the possessions and personal belongings in your home against theft, loss and damage.

This includes damage caused by events outside of your control, including fire, theft, storms, floods, leaks and subsidence.

We can also include cover for:

  • Belongings taken outside of your home, such as your mobile phone or jewellery
  • Alternative accommodation in the event of a total loss
  • Any contents that are temporarily removed from your home (including furniture, personal possessions such as clothing and jewellery). Note that theft isn’t covered unless specified.
  • Wedding gifts
  • Contents kept outside your home, such as in your garden
  • Contents in your freezer
  • Your child’s contents if they’re away at university

You can take contents only insurance out as a standalone policy or combine it with buildings insurance depending on your needs.

Laptop, phone, camera, watch and wallet on desk
Laptop, phone, camera, watch and wallet on desk

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Do I need contents insurance?

Contents only insurance isn’t a legal requirement. However, it can provide peace of mind that your belongings are protected financially. If any of your possessions are stolen, damaged or lost without cover in place, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace them, which can be costly.

“In addition to our general home contents of £50,000, we have audio equipment of £15,000 and jewellery valued at £14,000 in our home. Because of the higher risk of burglary these items present, getting good value home insurance for high-value contents can be difficult to find. But thanks to Adrian Flux, we have the home insurance cover we need for our audio equipment and jewellery at an affordable price.” Mrs M, NG14

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Why choose Adrian Flux for contents cover?

With over 50 years of experience in arranging the most suitable insurance to suit your specific needs, we’re often able to offer cover when others cannot. Our insurance for your home contents can include the following:

  • “Old for new” replacement cover as standard
  • Separate cover available for high-value items
  • Cover for items you plan on taking outside the house
  • An option for accidental damage cover
  • Claims hotline with counselling support
  • Discounts for alarms and security locks
  • Discounts if you combine contents and building insurance
  • Easy payment by credit card or direct debit

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

What does home contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance policies cover all the items in your home that you would take with you in a move, plus your carpets. An easy way of understanding what needs to be covered is, imagine turning your house upside down and shaking it. All the items in your property (and your carpets) that fall when you do this can be covered on a contents insurance policy. This includes:

  • Clothing
  • Electrical items
  • Furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Antiques and family heirlooms
  • Non-permanent fixtures
  • Collections
  • Carpets
Trainer, headphones, speaker, phone and plant on table
Trainer, headphones, speaker, phone and plant on table

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How much is home contents insurance?

The cost of your home contents insurance depends on a range of factors, from the value of your belongings to the risks associated with your property. For instance, if you live in a high flood-risk area, you might find that your premiums are more expensive than what you would pay for cover in a low flood-risk area.

That being said, contents insurance is relatively inexpensive, and is often a small price to pay compared to the costs of replacing your belongings.

Kitchen in white with warm wood tones

Get a Home Contents Insurance Quote


In order to get a quote, it’s a good idea to have the following information to hand:

  • Previous valuations of your possessions or an estimate for how much your belongings are worth
  • Any items with a value over £1,000 that you want to cover and the level of cover you need for these items
  • Any items you’ll be taking outside of the house
  • Security information about your property, including any fitted locks or alarms
  • Any additional cover you need, such as home emergency cover

Most content insurance policies cover your mobile phone against damage, loss or theft when it’s in your home, but not all policies include cover when you take your mobile phone out of the house. We offer gadget insurance, which covers your mobile phone and other electronics outside of the home too.

If you’re taking out contents insurance with us and your phone is worth over £1,500, let us know as we’ll need to add the item to your policy individually.

If you don’t have contents insurance in place and something happens to your belongings, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace them. This can quickly get expensive, especially if you lose a lot of your possessions as a result of a fire or flood in your property.

Contents insurance is usually very reasonably priced and tends to cost a fraction of what you’d need to pay to replace all the items in your home.

If you’ve furnished the property you’re renting out, it’s a good idea to take out contents insurance for landlords. This helps ensure that, even if your belongings are damaged or lost, you can replace them without bearing the financial burden yourself.

Even if you’re a tenant, it can be useful to take out contents insurance as this covers your personal possessions. Even if you’re renting a furnished property, you might be surprised at how much your belongings are worth. This includes clothes, jewellery, electrical items, and more. If you’re unsure whether to take out contents cover, it’s a good idea to go through your flat or house and calculate how much it would cost to replace all your items.

Cover becomes active from your policy’s start date for any incidents that occur on or after this date. Most policies do not cover pre-existing claims.

Yes, our contents insurance covers leaks – as long as they haven’t been caused by the property not being maintained.

Your boiler is usually covered by your buildings insurance rather than your contents insurance. It’s a good idea to check your policy if you’re unsure whether your boiler is covered.

Yes, we offer home insurance, which includes both buildings and contents insurance. Getting cover for both is generally more affordable than if you were to take out two separate policies.

Make a list of all your possessions, plus their value to replace on a new basis. ABI suggests that households have an average contents worth of £35,000, so make sure you do this thoroughly!

If you want to receive compensation should your possessions get lost, stolen or damaged, then yes. We also offer tenants content insurance.

Typically, contents insurance will cover your possessions within your home, including most furniture and non-permanent fixtures, as well as carpets. Certain items may also be covered away from the home, such as your mobile phone, jewellery, and laptop.

“New for old” contents cover is where insurers replace damaged goods with a new version of the item.

This can be upgraded to include goods damaged accidentally too.

While standard contents cover protects against loss or damaged caused by a range of events (as above), some policies also include cover for items accidentally damaged by you or other members of your household.

This is usually an optional upgrade, though a lot of standard policies already offer this cover as standard on TVs, stereos and desktop computers. If you’re not sure your policy provides this type of cover, it’s always best to check the policy’s wording.

You’ll need to check your policy. Assuming it does offer protection, make sure you’ve got the right level of cover for any items you commonly take out of the house. The level of cover can usually be upgraded if required.

Also known as “personal possessions cover”, this protects items that you take outside the house. This usually includes any gadgets, jewellery or clothing you take out – i.e. any possessions that you would reasonably take outside. The cover protects you in the event of loss or theft.

This is where you get insurance cover for specific items so you can take them outside the house, such as expensive equipment or clothing. Whilst this can add up to a significant portion of the total premium, if you frequently take certain high-value items out of the house, this might offer you a better level of protection.

While “all risk” cover is usually a cheaper way of protecting items away from your home, it might not cover all the items that you would want.

“Specified items” cover allows you more flexibility in that you’re able to choose which items you want to insure outside the home.

This might come in handy if you own expensive equipment, such as bicycles, photography equipment, or musical instruments, that you frequently take outside.

In general, no. If certain items do need to be covered individually, it’s almost always more affordable to add it as an extra on your contents cover rather than taking out a separate policy.

If you have a large number of high-value items, there are a wide range of policies on offer that can be tailored to your needs through our Flux Private Clients team.

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

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