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FluxScore Black Box Car Insurance

Facing high insurance premiums? Speak to us about FluxScore black box car insurance to get a quote. Our telematics scheme rewards safe driving and could cut your premiums by up to 60% – perfect for young drivers.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Why choose Adrian Flux for black box insurance?

We’re convinced we offer the best black box insurance policies for new drivers. Here’s why:

  • Rewards safe driving with up to 60% off your renewal price
  • Approximately 80% of our customers are able to reduce their renewal quote
  • No curfews or night-time driving restrictions
  • GPS black box acts as a phone and locator in an emergency
  • No claims bonus earned for claims-free driving
  • Black box can be installed yourself without hassle
  • You can choose who views your information
  • Weather alerts help you adjust driving to road conditions
  • Data stored on device can be used to back up your account in a claim
  • Daily updates to help you keep track of your renewal premium
  • Smartphone app available on Android and iOS
  • Warning system alerts you of unsafe driving and a rising premium
  • Online maps marking locations of incidents or driving mistakes

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Ideal for young, new and convicted drivers

Telematics insurance is designed for young drivers, but it’s available to others too. If you’re facing high insurance premiums following an accident or driving ban, our smartbox insurance could help get you back on the road for less.

This policy is best for:

Young driver in car
Young driver in car
Young driver looking at the road ahead

Save money with our black box car insurance

By sending you regular updates on your phone, FluxScore shows where you can adjust your driving habits for improved safety. Adjusting your driving habits according to the feedback can help make you a safer driver, which in turn translates to cheaper car insurance on renewal. The majority of our customers are able to reduce their renewal quote – some by up to 60%!

Young driver looking at the road ahead

What is black box car insurance?

Black box car insurance – also known as telematics insurance – is a type of cover often used by drivers facing high insurance premiums. It benefits new and young drivers in particular who don’t have as much experience on the road and therefore face insurance costs in the thousands.

The black box device monitors aspects of your driving like your speed and how you brake and rewards safe driving with lower premiums.

You can find out more about how telematics insurance works by reading our guide to black box insurance.

Person checking the FluxScore black box car insurance app

Still not sure if we’re the right insurance broker to help you? Just give us a call and we can look into your case. We’re open seven days a week!

How does our black box insurance work?

We send you the black box device with instructions so you can install it easily by yourself in your car. This means that, unlike with other insurers, you don’t have to pay to get the telematics device installed or wait around for an engineer to install it for you.

Once installed, our device monitors how you drive to ensure that you’re being safe on the road. Connect the device with the FluxScore app so you can regularly check how you’re driving and how much you’re projected to save on renewal.

New driver driving her car with black box fitted
New driver driving her car with black box fitted
Person standing next to car

How much is black box insurance?

The price of your cover will depend on a number of factors, including your age, the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, and your driving history.

That said, as a general rule, black box insurance is often cheaper than regular cover for new drivers or those with a poor driving history as it allows you to prove you’re a safe driver by monitoring the way you drive.

Person standing next to car

Get a Black Box Insurance Quote

How much can telematics insurance realistically save me?

A typical telematics insurance quote can be hundreds of pounds cheaper.

Based on our research, a 17-year-old driver who’s recently passed their driving test is likely to pay £2,700 for a fully comprehensive policy. Compare this to an average of £1,500 for a fully comprehensive telematics policy from Adrian Flux. And with save driving, your renewal price can go down to under £1,000.

Driver in the driving seat
Driver in the driving seat

What are the pros of black box car insurance?

Still unconvinced that a telematics car insurance policy is right for you? Here are five pros of taking out black box insurance with us:

Cheaper insurance: insurance is often one of the biggest expenses you face, but black box insurance can cut this significantly by providing feedback on the way you drive. A couple of years of safe driving with a telematics device can reduce your premiums substantially for regular car insurance too.

Can help improve driving skills: telematics devices give you feedback on your driving. This essentially acts as an extension of your driving lessons, making it perfect for drivers who have recently passed.

Helps with claims: location and speed black box data can help support your case in the event you need to make a claim.

Can deter thefts: the black box is displayed prominently on the front windscreen, so it can prevent your car from being stolen. And if it is stolen, device data can also help you recover it.

Peace of mind for parents: you can share access to the app so your parents can see how safe you’re being on the road.

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.


Get more answers about our telematics insurance by visiting our page on FluxScore support FAQs.

No, we make it a priority to ensure your data is protected. The data recorded by your black box is only used to work out your insurance premiums. Please note that information might be shared with the police if requested for use in criminal investigations.

Some insurance companies will also share information with your caregiver without a second thought.

According to a recent study, it was found that young drivers drive more safely when their parents have access to the data collected from their telematics device. As a result, it’s no surprise that some insurance providers make it mandatory for black box information to be shared with parents of young drivers.

At Adrian Flux, we understand that if you’ve recently gained the freedom of being able to drive whenever you want, you might not always want to share your trips with parents. That’s why we allow you to decide whether or not you want to share your information with your parents.

Yes – so long as you have a good record of safe driving while using the app, telematics insurance is a great way of saving money.

If you consider yourself a safe and responsible driver, it’s definitely worth getting a telematics box. In fact, according to This is Money, the policies are so widely praised that older drivers are increasingly choosing to apply for telematics insurance schemes too.

Plus, once you’ve proved that you’re a safe driver to us, this translates to cheaper regular car insurance too. We can also offer a no claims bonus for claims-free driving even when you’ve got a black box, which will help reduce your premiums the next year you take out cover.

There have been a number of recent news reports that black boxes have incorrectly recorded the driver as either driving when the car was still in the garage or driving in a different location to where they actually were. Whilst technologies aren’t always faultless, mistakes are usually few and far between.

However, if you feel your black box isn’t working properly, call us and we can help.

Black boxes can be useful if you’re facing high premiums. This makes them particularly suited to young, new and convicted drivers.

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