Insurance For Reliant Robins

As both a nimble way to get around town and an enduring icon of pop culture, the Reliant Robin is a staple of British motoring and continues to be well recognised around the world, over 40 years after production began. Whether your three wheeler is used day to day to get around town, takes pride of place in your collection or attends shows and events across Europe, Adrian Flux has specially tailored Reliant Robin insurance for you.

Some other insurers now cant or wont insure your Reliant Robin, with some older examples now classed as classics and insurers claiming that others are unstable, too old or perhaps just too much of a risk. At Adrian Flux we recognise that the age and status of your Robin means you are actually more likely to take good care of it, and so we are able to offer competitive three wheeler insurance for Reliant you own.

Combining the small chassis and economical running of a modern city car with vintage styling and an iconic position in British culture, the Robin is still a favourite run-around for plenty of motorists. Belonging to the same style of car as many notable micro and bubble cars, Reliants, including the Rialto and Regal, continue to provide a unique, practical and affordable choice of motor.

With their great fuel efficiency, reportedly upwards of 70mpg, combined with their unique, characterful looks, Reliants can be both very enjoyable and extremely cheap to run. The great benefits of driving a Robin are also shared by Reliants other three wheelers, the Regal and the Rialto, for which Adrian Flux also provide insurance.

Why own such an affordable piece of motoring history but spend all the savings on extortionate insurance premiums? Get a quote from Adrian Flux today by calling 0800 369 8590 and find out just how competitive we can be.

Specialist Reliant Robin, Rialto and Regal Insurance

Established over 40 years ago to find insurance for unique cars that others just wouldnt cover, Adrian Flux has grown into the UKs largest specialist insurance broker. When other insurers turn you down, say that your ageing Reliant is too much of a risk or sting you with massive premiums, Adrian Flux will find you the ideal insurance at a price that won't break the bank.

Benefits available with Reliant Robin, Regal and Rialto insurance can include:

  • We provide agreed value quotes on a massive range of cars, meaning you could receive the true value of your Robin, should the worst happen
  • If you belong to a Reliant Robin owners club that we are affiliated with you could get great discounts on your insurance policies
  • Insurance is available for any modifications or repairs done to your Robin, with like-for-like replacements being available in some cases
  • We offer insurance for Reliant Rialtos and Regals, providing the same great cover as our Robin insurance across the Reliant range
  • An array of optional policies are available for your Reliant insurance policy, including breakdown cover, key care and gadget protection
  • Our laid up insurance policies will cover your Robin even if it is currently in the garage for repairs or modification
  • A great range of discounts are available, from limited mileage bonuses through to experienced drivers and fitting additional security
  • We could be able to insure your Robin for transport use at events, such as weddings and school proms

Whether you drive an iconic 70s Robin or a late 90s Rialto, you can rest safe in the knowledge that our insurance has you covered. With comprehensive cover, insurance for your windscreen and audio equipment as well as protection whilst driving across Europe, we provide everything you might need to keep your Reliant safe and on the road. Plus, our discounts and optional extras mean that we can help tailor the level of cover and the cost of the insurance to suit you.

All of our best Reliant insurance rates are available only over the phone, so to speak to a member of our specialist insurance team, call today on 0800 369 8590. Alternatively, complete a callback form on our website or click the quote button now to receive your personalised Reliant Robin insurance quote.