TT99 Conviction Code for Disqualified Drivers

Been disqualified from driving following a TT99 driving offence and just coming back from a ban? If so, you might find that most standard insurers will refuse to insure you following a conviction. If you're looking for banned driver insurance, look no further than Adrian Flux. As a specialist insurance broker, we can help you get back on the road.

What is a TT99 conviction?

The offence code TT99 is used when someone is disqualified from driving because they've "totted up" 12 or more points in the space of three years. This is often known as a "totting up ban".

Is TT99 a criminal conviction?

TT99 is not a criminal conviction. Rather, it's a mark that remains even after the points on your licence have been removed. In the UK, it is a requirement to disclose offences for insurance purposes even beyond the disqualification period.

How long does TT99 stay on a driving licence?

TT99 stays on your licence for four years from the date of your conviction.

Your driving ban, on the other hand, will typically last between six and 24 months. Whilst points are removed once your ban has expired, TT99 will remain on your licence until four years have passed.

Can I rent a car with TT99 on my licence?

This will depend on the rental company as some are more strict than others. A TT99 driving code could prevent you from renting a car. In some cases, you might have to wait until the totting up conviction is removed from your licence before you're able to rent a car freely.

What are the other codes for driving offences?

There are dozens of different driving offences, each with their own code. Some of the most common driving offences include:


Driving offence


Reckless driving


Driving or attempting to drive while under the influence of drugs


Driving or attempting to drive while unfit due to drinking or drugs


Driving without insurance


Driving without a licence


Excessive speeding on a public road


Failing to comply with traffic signs

For a full list of driving offences, visit our convicted car insurance page.

Convicted driver car insurance

At Adrian Flux, we're well versed in finding car insurance for unusual circumstances – including for convicted drivers. With our network of over 30 insurance providers, we can compare quotes for you over the phone in just 15 minutes. And as each quote is tailored to you, we can usually help you find TT99 car insurance with only the features you need – all at a price to suit you.

Why use a specialist insurance broker?

A driving conviction on your record, especially a TT99 ban, will often make finding car insurance extremely difficult or expensive, especially if you try getting insurance through a mainstream insurer. As the UK's leading specialist broker, we've seen and covered it all, meaning we're better equipped to cover you in unusual situations like this.

Call us on 0800 369 8590 to get a car insurance for banned drivers quote. Alternatively, fill in our callback form and we'll call you at the time you specify.

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